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New Artist Spotlight : Eithermore

From Oceanside, NY they came to play !

Interview ? Article by Joseph Timmons: IndiePulse Music Magazine

Eithermore, newly formed in the summer of 2017, sticks to their alternative rock roots while maintaining listening accessibility. The band is comprised of Oceanside natives Jordanna Felice (vocals, guitar), Zach Kirsamae (bass), Dan Sadowski (drums), Steve Ristano (guitar), Alex Zassman (keyboards), Tim Hutcheson (backing vocals). Their content and lyrics are based in relatable life situations, and are derived from poetry. The band integrates genre influences from pop-punk, folk, and prog into a diverse sound that is all their own.

What started with just Jordanna Felice and a guitar grew into something greater in studio sessions of winter of 2017. The acoustic songs took on a new life with the help of producer Zach TK Zanghi and a library of talented musicians. Eithermore is more than just songs; the project is attempting to embody music as expression and a collaborative effort.

In 2018, after a year of hard work in the studio the band will be debuting their studio album. The band will start writing new music and playing local shows. They hope to expand out of the tri-state area and play around the east coast.


In interview, we spoke with Jordanna Felice, the group’s vocalist / Guitarist and she had some fun fact to share with us about the band and their goals.

IPM: From your picture, it looks like you and your band mates like having fun, tell us a bit about the band and how it is like to work together?

Oh yes, the band and I are always having a good time together. Sometimes too much fun. Sometimes we have to reign everyone in to make sure the work gets done What’s special about this group though is that not only are these guys my band mates but they are my best friends. Stevo (the guitarist), and Alex (our synth player who we call Zassman), are two talented musicians who I’ve started collaborating with in the past few years. They both bring a lot of important style and flair to the sound and I’ve been having so much fun working with them.

Zach (the bassist), Dan (the drummer) and I were in our first band together. We’ve been playing music together for 10 years which is crazy to think about. Zach and Dan both play in another project together, an instrumental math rock band called It Came from Space. It’s so important that the rhythm section is locked in. That is never a problem with these two.

They’re both so talented at their given instrument, and they have this unspoken communication it’s honestly so special to watch.  In general we all have great chemistry. As musicians and friends. There’s always an incessant amount of laughter and joking around at rehearsals. It’s a good balance though between working on music and having fun. I don’t think we’ve made it through one band rehearsal without making a Shrek reference. I don’t really know why but it’s a running joke with the band.


IPM: How has been the response to your shows / music?

It’s interesting for me because I’ve been playing solo, with just myself and a guitar, for a while now. I play a lot of open mics and played some solo shows in college. I’m fortunate that the response has always been a positive one. It has pushed me to get back into playing with a full band. It’s been really cool to show close friends and family how these songs have grown from acoustic songs to full band compositions  But we’ve only played one show together so far at the beginning of January. It was a lot of fun and the other bands and the crowd seemed to be digging the music. We actually recruited one of those bands to play the single release show with us. We have some shows that were planning for the end of Feb. into March. The band is hoping to just keep playing shows, to recruit new ears and to gain some traction.

IPM: What is the funniest thing that has happened in the studio, so far?

The funniest thing that’s happened is also one of the more unfortunate things that occurred while tracking. Most of our sessions would start around 8pm and sometimes would run till 4 or 5am. So one night we went in to track guitars. Just me and my wonderful friend and producer TK the Architect. We found those sweet tones we were looking for. Tracked the song in record time, and it was around midnight when we were heading out of the studio. The two of us were definitely on a high that night. Apparently, I had left my hazard lights on after we dropped our gear off that day and to our dismay my car battery died. We waited an hour outside by the car for AAA to come and jump the battery. We sat by my car snacking on pop-tarts laughing at the thought that we were actually gonna get home before 2am.

IPM: When is first album due out?

We don’t have a set date, but were planning on dropping the album sometime this summer.

IPM: What would you like the readers to know about you?

I remember being in college. I was studying journalism at the time and it was something a family member had suggested to me because I wanted to be a writer. I went to a liberal arts college with a lot of music and art conservatories. I was jealous of all my friends pursuing their art. I wrote for an arts magazine on campus. I would do album reviews. Every time I wrote one I would get a little sad. I enjoyed writing about other people’s music but I always wished that I would be subject and not the writer. So when I graduated I had one major goal. To record an album. I had been going through a really transitional period in my life. Moving back in with my parents, graduating college and ending a 5 year relationship. I had to find my place back at home and it was hard. These moments of hardship though always make for the best art. So I wrote a handful of songs. Most of these ended up on the album.

I started the whole process in November of 2016 and we wrapped recording summer 2017. Writing music has always been a passion of mine. Recording a record was a challenge though. I had to push myself as a musician and it was truly a labor of love. I understand why people use the phrase it took blood, sweat, and tears because it truly did. It was worth every second because at the end of the day I learned so much. That’s what music and art is about. It’s a process of working through our emotions and the growth that comes with it.


Upcoming Shows:

2/10 Amityville Music Hall (Eithermore single release show/full band)

2/25 Sofar Sounds NY (Acoustic)

3/10 WSPR Radio Purchase College (Acoustic)


Check out the single “Bright Eyes” on Bandcamp



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