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Album Review by Joseph Timmons

FAULKNER, have released “PARIAHS”, their new album that will be considered a new foundation in music. FAULKNER have been lighting up the music scene with their unique sounds and stories that come alive in their music. Their single ‘Hot Streak’, when released was instantly admired as “An infectious three-minute slice of bright, spiky rock with a big hook and catchy melody, in the same vein as The Killers and MGMT”.


PureGrainAudio was quoted as saying “Faulkner just can’t help but continue their insane upward trajectory. It just come[s] so naturally. Not to say they’re not working for it, but damn… what a hot streak”.

FAULKNER is a bicoastal mono-genre band. An unfinished demo of their song “NY Anthem” fell into the hands of RZA, the Wu-Tang Clan mastermind, and captured his interest, leading to their first major collaboration. As a result of their collaboration, “NY Anthem” is heard at the New York Yankees home games and US Open. New York isn’t the only place giving them love. The rockers have also been featured on iconic L.A. radio station KROQ.



Lyrically, “PARIAHS” balances revenge themes and overtones with soaring anthems. The album is an intense and emotive listening experience for all of “the rebels and the misfits” out there. The result is a stunning mix of stories and sounds with contributions from producers RZA, JP Bowersock (The Strokes) and Mark Needham (The Killers), recorded at Rick Rubin’s Shangri La Studio and East-West.

In Review: The new album “PARIAHS” is another scorcher, opening the album with a track called “Revolutionary” it is a hard edge battle cry, melodic and beat driven, but not “poppy” although it has a pop rhythm. We again hear the stellar single “Hot Streak” which was released to a global fanfare with its high energy romp, made for dance.

“NY Anthem “with RZA is a verbal depiction of the big city, the bright lights and the dark that waits in the shadows. RZA give depth with rhythmic prose. Every song on this album has a gritty background feel and urgent need to be heard, two tracks I am personally fond of, Street Axioms and Keep Your Enemies Closer Royce Da 5’9″, so reminiscent of the verging 80’s new wave, with dystopian imagery and sobering stories of woe hidden between the “happy sound” that jump from the tracks.

FAULKNER has, in “PARIAHS”, created an album that is both strikingly beautiful and forebodes images to fear, it is a masterpiece, a running theme, if I am correct, is one must do, what they must, to survive, as in the track “Hustle Everything”, the final track “Molly” is electronica bliss, and ends the album well, I have left out some track titles, I really think you should listen to the whole album, I can’t reveal everything, this is an album to be experienced.

FAULKNER does not glorify or romanticize the darkness, they reveal it, and show that this lay within all of us, just how far will be reveal the darkness within ourselves.

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