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Natalya Vakshynska & Eugene

Natalya Vakshynska & Eugene create a positive message through the power of music.

In this world, we all go through life with no knowledge of the world other than what we see in the news, and in this “News” we don’t get a clear picture of the people we share our very small planet with. What of this world, its people and what of the things in life that inspire us, so, to this I bring you the work of Natalya Vakshynska & Eugene. Theirs is a beautiful story of music driven by faith and by the desire to share what they believe is a message of hope.

Now, I understand that all people may not believe in the same way, but one thing that is universal, the power of music to reach across barriers, boundaries, the language gap and allows us to understand each other on a natural level.


The musical project of Natalya Vakshynska & Eugene was created to implement new ideas and the collective of inspiring musical artists constantly tours the countries of Europe with its musical programs and constantly experiments with the forms of concerts.

Natalya Vakshynska performs vocal, percussion, shofar, wisl and Evgeny composes the original music as well as performs guitar and drums.

The writing   instrumental music and the  Brakhot-songs based on authentic biblical text (in Hebrew): “TEHILIM ” (psalms),” TFILOT “(prayers) and from the cycle “NEVIIM “(book of the prophets); bringing this music to an attention of listeners using own musical language combining acoustic and electronic sounds.


The works of this project was presented at international festivals and performed at events of spiritual character during Brakhot-concerts.

The music of Natalya Vakshynska & Eugene is breathtakingly beautiful and is in short, Amazing, and proves that the gifts of the higher powers are in existence, and that there is hope for this ever changing world.

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