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Preservation of Musical Treasures and Lost Dreams

Preservation Project is a label with a vision and a desire to Archive the Music of a Generation, once lost and now revived.

By Joseph Timmons: IndiePulse Music Magazine

The Preservation Project, not just a label, but an organization looking to preserve music created that, until now, may never have been heard, securing and pressing “ Obscure “music that had been recorded during the 60s, 70s and 80s is here to bring you that music. Featuring a variety of carefully-chosen sides from all Soul genres, this Austin Texas based Audio Archival Label has found numerous gems. In fact, Most of the musicians The Preservation Project will feature recordings of were done to a single acetate or tape, leaving the work of many young and hopeful artists unknown to the general public. It is their hope to present these fully-restored recordings, many gathered from the cutting room floors of studios — many of which are no longer in operation, to a music loving community.

In Statement on their webpage “We’re here to resurrect and showcase recorded material that may have otherwise gone unheard. These artifacts tell us something about the time and place in which they were made, and about the people who made them. Though we gather as much information as we can before each release, little is known about many of the recordings we offer. We invite the public to contact us with any additional insight or information you have about any of our releases.”

Another goal of the label, as in the statement, is to find the Unknown Artists and if possible help continue their work, allowing the artists to retain rights to material as well, – “We especially wish to thank the artists and musicians who poured their passion out onto tape or acetate — blessing and inspiring us with these recordings that we now enjoy together. We celebrate this music with the greatest love and respect.”

IndiePulse Music Magazine contacted The Preservation Project to ask if theirs was a mission to discover and illuminate the past for the future, in response the project leader stated “Yes, We focus on discovering work that was not released AND seems to have been orphaned (meaning, we cannot find the artists). The idea being that if we release it, people can actually hear some incredible music that never should have been passed over in the first place, and HOPEFULLY, the artists or their families will come forward to claim the music. “

On the website for The Preservation Project,, it opens to the most recent release, giving as music background and info about the track and artist possible at time of release, done in limited quantities; the past releases are listed, but are no longer available. You will find an image of the single, beautifully produced and there are samples of the tracks. A very well done presentation, cost wise, it is very affordable, competitive with what you would find if the artist was producing and selling the record.

Titles listed are in 2 styles, a full color presentation label, reflecting a “Consumer” pressing and a “DJ Copy”, in the past, when labels sent samples to radio stations. A DJ Copy was a plain white label, with just minimal info, those same white label DJ Copies and now very collectible, this lends an authenticity to the rarity of each title offered.

Personally, as an Audiophile / Collector myself, I have several white labels myself of older recordings, it is a reminiscence of a time in music when Vinyl was the measure of success, and with their program, The Preservation Project is giving many lost and, until now, forgotten artists their mark in music history.

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