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Gravehuffer to release New Album “Your Fault” on Bluntface Records

Album News and Review

Reviewed by Joseph Timmons: IndiePulse Music Magazine


In celebration of recently signing with Bluntface Records, Joplin Missouri’s Gravehuffer are set to unleash their most recent material to be included on the vinyl edition of their latest album, “Your Fault”.

Always looking to push beyond their own limitations and eager to give back to their fans, the band recently entered the studio to record two bonus tracks for their upcoming vinyl release.

The first track appropriately titled, “Your Fault” sees the band firing on all cylinders and pulling no punches. Featuring a guest guitar solo by Carlo Regadas (ex-Carcass, ex-Black Star, and current guitarist for Monstrance) this track alone will make the vinyl purchase worth it, and can easily be a strong and fitting representation of what this band is all about for newly acquired fans. If you can imagine an ‘Other worldly’ beast soaked in heaviness and packed to the brim with filthy grooves and punishing vocals and riffs reminiscent of some hybrid form of early Dismember, Entombed, and perhaps even Bolt Thrower all with the signature styling’s that this unique and relentless band has come to be known for-you might have some idea of what is set to pummel your ear drums. Pre-sales for the vinyl edition of Your Fault will be available soon.

Since their inception in 2008, Gravehuffer has crafted their sound into an ultimate amalgamation of Crust, Punk, Metal, Grindcore, and unapologetic down-tuned Sludge-laden Doom.


In Review: “Your Fault” is totally as promised, with blazing guitar riffs and assault on the senses Drum and bass work, Gravehuffer is speed demon freshness unbound, and crisp vocals drop the bomb on your brain. Unlike some that claim to be like a boss when it comes to metal, Gravehuffer brings the beat and stays for the pain. Loving the track “Of Fish and Men”, time to open the pit! Other notable tracks include Kill For Sport, Dead Peace, Powers That be, Worms of God, Chains Around You and the ever ravaging Destroyer of Worlds. This will be an album to own, it will be the best underground uprising in metal to be heard so far this hellacious year. Will say the band has a sense of humor, no “We are the Doom Bringers”, there is a lighthearted, “Let’s have Fun” in the lyrics and music of some tracks, like in Chains Around You, Gotta Love’em for keeping it real. If you don’t get this, and then feel the wells of misery call upon you, it’s all “Your Fault”, so don’t complain.

Little history on Gravehuffer -From the remnants of former projects Initial Detonation, H.R.B., and Aether Bunny, Krom was formed. Krom evolved into what is now known as Gravehuffer. Without ever making a conscious effort to do so, the Joplin, Missouri band proudly shuns the confines of genre confinements and so-called rules for the sake of the music itself and their collective creative output. Featuring James Hiser on vocals, Ritchie Randall on guitar and a rhythm section comprised of Mike Jilge on bass, and Larry Deardorff on drums, Gravehuffer steers clear of trends and limits by being themselves and letting the music take them where it wants to go. With an assortment of 28 original songs in their repertoire that showcase the vast array of influence the band pulls from and a fearlessness to never conform or compromise, Gravehuffer is in it for the sake of the songs and the art itself in a world where most are content to follow rather than lead.

Gravehuffer has signed on with Bluntface Records for a special vinyl release of their acclaimed Your Fault album, which features 2 bonus tracks and a guest solo by former Carcass lead guitarist Carlo Regadas.


For more information, contact the band through their label here:


To support this album and secure your copy, as well as gather up some great perks to enjoy while bathing in the blood of your enemies, go to http://reach.thrinacia.com/Gravehuffer2018 and sign up on the dotted line, just above the sign away your soul part of the contract…


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Zamboni of Death…. LOVE IT




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  1. Huge thanks to IndiePulse Music for the great write-up for our vinyl release, Kill For Sport video, and even a great review to boot! This is what helps the scene stay alive! Thank you so much!

    Pick up your copy of the Bluntface Records vinyl here: https://reach.thrinacia.com/Gravehuffer2018

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