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The Sound of Vinyl: A Sound Subscription in Record Assets

Op/Ed By Joseph Timmons : IndiePulse Music Magazine journalist

Many of us that collect records have a multitude of options now available to us, from small labels that offer opportunities to subscribe and get the new releases automatically to record of the month clubs that auto ship new and reprint copies, often exclusives with limited runs, direct to our homes. Unlike the old “Columbia House” days, these titles come with either a small fee, averaging at 9.00 per month to “Oh My God No” prices of 40.00 to 50.00, PER MONTH, for ONE Record, which can be less than appealing.

But in the middle, lay great opportunities to score albums and rare titles at record store prices, averaging between 15.00 and 24.00, with single, double album sets and bundles. At this time, you may be saying “well, spit it out, who are they… shut up and take my money”.


The Sound of Vinyl, a company that has been making serious “Grooves” in the music retail industry online is offering access to many titles and artists work that we have searched for, sometimes in vain, at very reasonable pricing, their website is, and it is very easy to use.

Set up as an online “Warehouse of Joy” for the record collector, arranged by Artist, Genre and Collections, the service states it is “Curated”, which means they have a staff, devoted to finding the best to offer at the best deals.  On their About page, we found this statement “We are a team of passionate music fans who believe that vinyl is a uniquely satisfying sonic experience. And we’re here to help you build the perfect record collection”. This is an accurate statement if not understating, there is access to hundreds of titles from A – Z, many with the artist’s entire catalog available. You can search by Artist and in just a few simple clicks, boom, got the magic!

The Sound of Vinyl has also created features on their site that make this not only a great retail portal, but an inclusive and learning experience, the team of curators include musicians we have been loving and respecting in our lifetime, people like HENRY ROLLINS, YOUNG GURU, DON WAS and the site will be connecting with more Artists that have the right idea when it comes to the appreciation of music.

The site for The Sound of Vinyl offers a Blog, with regular and frequently updated posts and news in the Record Collecting and Appreciating spheres of influence. There is also a feature where you can sign up to get recommendations based on your preferences in music.

I found one such blog post quite illuminating, the post by Henry Rollins on the Collection of JAZZ, Rollins, known for his time in the Punk Music scene and his political / humanitarian points of view, gives a strongly well written and educational opinion on Jazz greats that should be every collection.


In The Rollins Blog Post “A note from Henry”: “I’m no expert on Jazz, but I am quite a fan. Here’s the thing about Jazz lists, though: if you don’t make it the size of a book, you will have left out SO MANY great musicians and titles. For instance, these artists don’t appear among the ten below, but just so you know I’m thinking of them: Lee Morgan, Booker Ervin, Max Roach, Dizzy, Parker, Gil Evans, Hank Mobley, Thelonious Monk (!!!!!), Albert Ayler, Ornette Coleman, Don Cherry, Matthew Shipp, Sam Rivers, Oliver Nelson, Archie Shepp, Quincy Jones, Eddie Gale, Pharoah Sanders — you see what I mean? If I made this list ten times longer, I would still be leaving off a ton of amazing musicians”. Read More

Now, how will The Sound of Vinyl  save you heartache and money?, I took a look at their Bundles section and found a bundle for Mumford & Sons, their 3 top albums at discount with shipping was $51.80, I search the same titles on other sites and it was averaging a total of $78.00, some at higher prices, but none lower, so it was a vast time and money saving option, very good deal.

Anyone who reads my articles on Record Collection services, and records in general know I am a strong advocate for the Indie Label, the unknown and unsigned, this is the only aspect of the services I wish I could find with online retailers like The Sound of Vinyl , but, who knows, maybe this will be a direction considered, they have pretty much everything else on their site.

So far, I would have to say The Sound of Vinyl has the best operation model online today. Reason for my new love for the company, other than I can now; in all honesty find about every album I could ever want… they have PRE-ORDER options, yep, that’s right, Pre-Orders. I have to say I do love Record Store day, but there is no way I can ever get to every record store to find every rare print, limited reprint or archival print of an album, but with the pre-order, I could get these limited and rare prints before they hit the stores.


Well, that is my opinion on The Sound of Vinyl, I can’t say anything about them that I don’t like or that is not true, this company gets it, and wants to give it as well, clear and concise shopping experience with expert design in concept, just makes the arrival of that Valued Wax just oh so much more alluring. Give them a look, and let us know if you feel the same about them as I do.

Now, if you don’t mind, I have some shopping to do…

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