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5 Annoying Theme Songs You Aren’t Going to Forget Anytime Soon

Some theme songs have the ability to burrow inside your brain, find a nice spot, and make themselves comfortable. This is fine, until it gets annoying – for different reasons: The song could simply be terrible. It could be that you’re so sick and tired of having to hear it every time you watch a show you like. Whatever it is, it’s part of the reason why Netflix invented humanity’s greatest technological achievement since the moon landing: the ‘skip intro’ button.

Here are some of arguably the most annoying songs in television/streaming history.

1 – I’ll Be There For You: Friends

Jennifer Aniston once revealed that “No one was really a big fan of that theme song.” – pertaining to her fellow cast members in an interview with the Independent. This song is a fine example of pop music hijacking the alternative rock sound of the 90s. As far as 90s sitcoms go, Friends was cheesy, but it was also witty and creative enough to survive several sit throughs. The same cannot be said of its theme song.

2 – Where My Heart Will Take Me: Star Trek Enterprise

Every other Star Trek series features epic symphonic orchestra music that calls up images of adventuring through unknown frontiers. Unfortunately, the producers of Star Trek Enterprise wanted to go in a different direction: country western pop music. And it’s pretty bad. The only reason it didn’t end up at the top of Kotaku’s worst-to-best Star Trek openings list is because it was accompanied by amazing visuals.

3 – I’m Always Here: Baywatch

If the Friends theme song is the cute guy/girl who matched with you on Tinder but never replies, I’m Always Here is the one who puts all the cards on the table. It’s just that it still falls into the same category of commercial, catchy rock pop, and having to listen to it over and over again doesn’t help its case. Unfortunately, its creator Jimi Jamison isn’t alive today to see how much his song is still sparking conversations. According to a report by Rolling Stone Magazine he died of a heart attack in 2014. Despite it being grossly overplayed in our heads, I’m Always Here is still a good, tight rock song.

4 – How Soon is Now: Charmed

The Smiths’ How Soon is Now is a heartbreaking, epic, and soulful rock song about Morrissey’s crippling shyness. Its sheer poetry and haunting musical arrangements inspired its use in the fantasy/horror movie The Craft, and eventually by the immensely popular show Charmed. Be that as it may, Uncut still considers How Soon is Now as the greatest song The Smiths ever made. It’s a classic case of a bad series ruining a great song.

5 – Game of Thrones Theme

Top-rated TV shows tend to take a slice out of every piece of pop culture it can get its hands on. Even as the series is set to end, GOT books and merchandise continue to fly off the shelves. You’d be hard-pressed not to see at least one GOT-themed costume this coming November. Telltale Games, which specializes in episodic graphic storytelling, has already released a GOT game to tap into its unrivaled fanbase. Additionally, online gaming site PartyPoker hosts a Game of Thrones slot game inspired by the HBO series and adopts key elements to appeal to its global following. And these are just some of the many digital forms of one of the biggest ever television series of all time. In short, GOT mania is still at its peak, and it’s going to be a long time before people stop humming that theme song anywhere and everywhere they go.







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