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Album Review: Young Creatures: The Future is Finally Now

Both a utopian and dystopian world, where Love and Pessimism reign.

Young Creatures, Los Angeles based trio has in their new album The Future is Finally Now, created the vision of both a utopian and dystopian world, where Love and Pessimism reign. Looking at the core of the band, Mike Post, Michael Escalante and Andrew Gleason, we see artists that have captured multiple musical elements like Shoegaze, Electro-Pop, Indie-Alternative and Psychedelic Rock, along with a pinch of Doom Rock akin to Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult of the early to mid-80’s.


As a mind blowing follow-up to prior releases, this is truly their break out album, hitting high marks in every portion. In every sense of the words “This is Awesome”, The Future is Finally Now is their opus, so far. With album graphics that harken back to images from Heavy Metal Magazine, their artwork, reminiscent of the work by Jean Henri Gaston Giraud, also known as Moebius, The Future is Finally Now is very much a “Graphic Novel”, a whirlwind of sound and emotion, views of our world both inside and out, and inside-out all the same.

From the very first track The last One, the emotional urgency of realization, the idealism of a better life comes at a price, and for some it may be too high to pay. I found that this album, although not generated as a “theme” album, does in fact have a story to tell, with dark twists and searches for hope in a world that is not as good, or as bad as it could be or seem. There is a duality to this album that is hard to define and it must be heard. The following track To be Alive seems almost like a challenge, a challenge to find something, anything worth loving in this life, to find that spark, that hope of a good life.


Another One Comes Around, this has special meaning for me, the gravity of the ever joy defying mood swing, just when things look up, you realize that your looking up view is while you are falling into a bottomless pit while looking skyward…. Yes, I have issues.

Whatever I Can, this track is a seething under the skin song, stuffing and shoving back the urge to lash out, screaming silently, just… wow, love this song to bits. Taking this moment to think of early Pink Floyd and Spooky Tooth, the bands of the late seventies that had the swirling diatribes, The Future is Finally Now is much like them, an album that is timeless and yet out of its own timeline.

Slow brings you into the dusky part of the day, that moment when both the sun and the full moon are in the same sky, when you realize the world you live on is just a speck floating in space, and you are even smaller, but your dreams, your secret desires make you invincible, deep inside. Slow ll, is just a phenomenal in its emotional gravity, that slow exhale just as you slip into the deep deep sleep, that “Little Death”, that feeling of falling as you drift off, what if that sensation of falling… never ends?

Open Fields is the upbeat, the stepping off the saucer, just after landing, looking at your new home, this planet, the one where you should have been born. Followed by the title track The Future is Finally Now … what is this? Is it what we hoped for, or more of what we feared?

The Sound, Young Creatures has set this as the 2nd to last track, the second to last song, the 2nd to last hoorah, that anthem “When There’s nothing left to Burn”, this is the anthem of a youth looking for something, something among the ashes.

Finally, Back to Basics, this inspired Psychedelic Rock inspired song with its dreamy guitar work, steady back beat and the “Step softly through the minefield”, trance like emotion, a grad and fitting end to an album that should be recognized as one of the best Indie Releases to come, so Far in this year.


Young Creatures has, and maybe unknown to themselves, released in The Future is Finally Now an album that is that light at the end of the tunnel, that Restaurant at the End of The Universe, that all night Drive In Diner, across the galaxy from Hotel California.

The Future is Finally Now is available via the bands Bandcamp Page on NOMAD EEL RECORDS.


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