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Jeffrey Dallet Sings of Abnormal Oddities

Album Review – Abnormal Oddities by Jeffrey Dallet

Review by Joseph Timmons: IndiePulse Music Magazine

Jeffrey Dallet’s edgy, incisive storytelling, stark images of personal passion and the creeping decay of the American dream infuse Abnormal Oddities, the debut full length album by his powerhouse Jeffrey Dallet Band, with songs everyone can immediately connect to.


Abnormal Oddities by Jeffrey Dallet is a romp through the mind of a man trying to do some good in the world, both musically and lyrically exciting, flamboyant and just rough enough to let you know he means business.  Opening with the breathtaking and somewhat rebellious tone, “Blind Love In Vain” is witty and verbose, followed by the soft and romantic ballad “Someday”, which is a softer side of this modern minstrel singing of the American Dream. “Bye Bye Middle Class Blues” and “Dead and Lonely” seem a tribute to a possible influences of the laurite troubadour Bob Dylan, with similarity in composition, but a wholly unique tone. “Gypsy Jewel”, “My Old Record Store” and “Dear Dayton, OH”, 3 tracks that I feel give insight to a life lived with hope and honest temperance, ambition and dreams held together with a little glue, duct tape and a smidgen of innocence held on for dear life. I feel the final track “Odd Ball Blues” is the perfect final strike at the empty promises of our forefathers, it is said you work hard and keep your nose to the grindstone, you’ll do well, instead, you wind up with a ground down nub of a nose and a drinking problem, “Odd Ball Blues” is that war cry at the bar counter, when you read the Tax Deductions on your merger paycheck, the fire that burns in your belly, defiant and stand tall, the final opus in a fantastic album that tells you the truth behind what is now, possibly the last American Dream.

Using his unique mix of high octane rock and lyrically driven folk music as a platform, the Denver based singer revels in his role as an outsider looking in. On the blistering, Tom Petty-esque closing track “Oddball Blues,” he sings, “He was born on the wrong side of the century, too nice for his own good…” Writing from a sense of artistic insecurity after seeing an amazing fellow artist steal the show at an open mic, he takes a hard look at himself and adds, “Now he’s chasing a dream that can’t come true, but it’s all that he knows how to do/he’s got all the right ingredients but still coughs up the odd ball blues.”


“I think the reason I called the album Abnormal Oddities is that feeling of being an odd ball among the odd balls,” Dallet says. “Everyone likes to say, ‘Oh, I’m so weird,’ but yeah so what, everyone is weird. When you’re an outcast, or an actual odd ball, or the subject of a certain amount of rejection, it’s a very isolated lonely feeling, and I want to connect with people who actually feel that way. I have a line in one of my other songs that hasn’t been recorded yet that says ‘I’m just sittin’ around watching other people live, on the outside looking in.’ you see people moving on while you’re just standing still, and it’s a very isolating sensation.”

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