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It all begins with “One” – IndiePulse Reviews New EP by Christian Heath, Debuts New Release “ONE” for first time in US



It is with great pleasure we present for your consideration, the latest and greatest new release by South African Superstar Entertainer, Christian Heath. His EP Album “One” is not just a selection of songs, but a legacy in the making, songs of love, devotion and unification, of two people, of all people, of Nations, and of the World.

Christian makes his highly anticipated U.S. debut with the  release of the EP One – a collection of his popular radio hits and his new single, a powerful global anthem for peace entitled “One (A World Song).” An emotional song of devotion no matter the distance, the singer’s infectious pop/rocker “I’m Yours” reached #2 on the AlgoaFM Top 30 chart; AlgoaFM is an adult contemporary station that reaches over 700,000 listeners throughout South Africa.

Christian’s “One” brings to light one man’s emotions and philosophies of what is wrong today, and what we, as a unified people can do, to right the wrongs and make a better tomorrow.  In review, rather than pick the album apart and using catchy phrasing like “Top Marks” or “Solid Hits” we want to join in with his “Should Be” new Mantra, one of open acceptance, the ability to embrace one another and make this our stand, with him, and artists like him, to awake the sleeping giants within us all.

Since the split of his longtime rock outfit The Christian Heath Band (aka Nova Rise) in 2015, South African singer/songwriter Christian Heath has emerged as one of his homeland’s most popular solo artists. It is not just his charm, grace, or lyrical genius, but that he sincerely believes that it starts with “One” and then, in an instant that “One” can become many, and then become all.

Sharing the more heartfelt side of his artistry, a strong inspiring faith in himself and new dimensions of his formidable vocals, the multi-talented singer-songwriter has tapped into his passions for pop, soul and Latin music to become a non-stop radio hit machine and in demand festival performer.

The track also hit #1 on Musolist, a prominent NYC based indie music site; #75 on Triple J Unearthed Australia, a prominent outlet dedicated to showcasing new artists; and #21 on the rock charts. The high energy pop track “No Good for You” reached #24 on the AlgoaFM Top 30 chart, and the sensual funk hit Magic” – a Craig David inspired tune that unveils Christian’s “naughtier” side – reached #10 on that chart.

The EP also includes the soulful ballad “Paradise” and the sexy and danceable, Latin-vibing “Tonight” featuring the Spanish language vocals of Nixi. Collectively, these five tracks reflect a wide range of Christian’s musical influences, from Richard Marx and Michael Bolton to Def Leppard and Enrique Iglesias.

Christian’s frustration with the situation in his own country – including all forms of violence from Murder, Rape, Molestation and trafficking … etc. – and the anger, division and chaos across the globe inspired him to write “One (A World Song).” With booming percussion, dynamic horns and a chorus backing Christian’s powerful lead vocals, the explosive track is a premiere anthem for our time – an edgy, high powered spinoff of the sentiment expressed by Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie and friends more than 30 years ago on “We Are the World.” He artfully balances the steep challenge to make the world a better place (“it’s never been more wrong . . . We’re just holding it together’’) with the realty that “We’re still searching for a way” while “hoping that we’d make the change.” In the booming chorus, he asserts, “We are the ones who never walk away . . . We are the ones who would always find a way.”

Texas based hip-hop artist INFIDELIX opens his insightful rap section with rhymes that say it all about the loss of innocence: “I remember growing up and thinking life was beautiful/But over time that went away and now the world’s unusual…”

“One (A World Song)” has given rise to Global Unite, a universal movement and nonprofit corporation established by inspired musicians, artists, songwriters, music producers, entrepreneurs and philanthropists to promote world peace. This movement recognizes the plight of pugnacity and violence in the world and aims to inspire encourage and influence states, organizations and people to encourage the notion of “Change or Be Changed.” Global Unite, who’s President, Ann Kleynhans, is founder of CEOS Technologies, a tech market leader in South Africa, aims to become the largest and most prominent movement using music, arts, radio, theatre and social media to accelerate the desire for world peace. It will take an active part in the development of social science and economic “upliftment” in promoting peace and innovation, influencing the development of the next generation that will generate leaders for change.

“The song is about unity and empowerment, about uniting the world in a time when there is so much hatred and fighting, even among people from the same country,” says Christian, who serves as the organization’s artist. “If you see what’s happening today, it feels like it’s a message whose timing couldn’t be more crucial. My normal mode of songwriting is to sing about romance and relationships, but this is a more aggressive, in your face kind of song, as if to say, enough is enough, now what are we going to do about it? Like so many others, I have had it with all the politics, bad karma and negativity, and want the opportunity to live in a peaceful, loving world. Even though this song expresses my emotions differently, at the end of the day, all of my tunes have a common theme – Everything ties together with love.”


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