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IndiePulse Reviews:  American Soul by McMains

Singer-Songwriter McMains latest album American Soul, released this month on the Welland International label, the album met with public and critical acclaim as powerful album for award prospects.

McMains, a descendent of Devil Anse Hatfield (of the legendary American folklore clan the Hatfields) documents his legacy on the American Soul album; creating a dazzling collection of beautiful songs of self-awareness, love, humor and vision, the album is 13 tracks of pure wit and wisdom.


In Review:

American Soul by McMains is a trip through American Music, heart and soul, with sounds that come from history, of the hills and Appalachian trails, from the Mid-West Plains, the Northern Valleys, with a hint of Southern Rock. His music could be easily be considered Contemporary to Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, the Traveling Wilburys, and even Buddy Holly, in spirit and zeal for life. I particularly found his rendition of “Take Me Home, Country Roads” to be thrilling, with an upbeat tempo and a subtle blend of Zydeco. His songs are like footsteps in a dusty road, if you follow; mile for mile, taking every step in pace, a life is lived.  “Since I Started Loving You” is a song straight out of loves playbook, I would picture Karen Carpenter as his muse for this one, bubbling with real emotion and tenderness. The entire album is like this, no 2 songs alike and it all seems to flow in a way that life does, you never know what you will see or hear, but you can always learn from it. McMains has created a collection that could very well be the soundtrack of a life, ups and downs, held together by luck and prayer; it is an essential album to be sure.


When we interviewed McMains for IndiePulse Music Magazine a short while ago, he gave us some insight into this album rich in heritage- “This is kind of a personal record of events in my life” McMains went on to elaborate about his thoughts behind some of the tracks “Since I Started Loving You” wins the prize for most tears cried while writing. “Under the Sun” was an escape from a dreary place I was stuck in. “Hello Heartbreak” gets into a rough patch I had to go through but got out of in (mostly) one piece. “Is It Over” was a question I got caught up with when my wife left for a month to take care of family business in China. It was weird and a bit frightening to be alone after finding the One. I started asking why, and how long….very happy when she got back home.”

American Soul is, to me, not just an album of songs, but a story of the many lives lived during the course of a lifetime, and the American Dream that is there for all of us to share together. This is  a celebration of all of the ups and downs that go along with love, romance and just plain living – back porch, down-home love songs, gloriously crafted.

Visit The Artist’s Web page at and Follow his Facebook Page – for more info about what’s coming from the artist and where to buy this fantastic album.

Album Review by Joseph Timmons: IndiePulse Music Magazine Journalist.




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