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IndiePulse Reviews: Hudson River by Greg Jacquin

Tales of The Hudson River, as Told by the Man From Sleepy Hollow

Greg Jacquin is a man that is, more now than ever, a testament to what is America, and he traces his roots and his inspiration to the Hudson Valley in New York. Born in Sleepy Hollow in 1970 to a young single Cuban immigrant who worked as a waitress, Jacquin spent much of his early life with his Cuban grandparents and grew up on The Beatles and Cat Stevens. In his youth, he witnessed the changes in the world that would not only shape his life, but the lives of everyone everywhere.

He picked up his stepdad’s guitar as soon as he could hold it, and began playing in bands in high school, recording several albums in the early ’90s. Years spent having a family and working took him away from music, but after retiring from law enforcement and facing personal obstacles, songwriting led him back. Jacquin found new energy for music along the Hudson Valley in the company of the many creative artists who live there.

Returning to music in the past decade with a variety of exceptional bands and while parenting his youngest child, Jacquin has re-emerged as a musician with a new LP Hudson River, out now.

In Review:

Hudson River by Greg Jacquin is not just a selection of songs, but a story, of a life, of the path traveled, love and loss and of growth. True to those he tributes to his inspiration, his lyrics do not mask or hide his meanings, just true and upfront, honest and real.

I present to you the idea that upon his arrival, at “The Station” our narrator is captured in a rapture of arrival, his searches for life’s meanings begin, he is “Floating”, wrapped up and involved, possibly wandering off course, caught it the undertow of life’s issues. Upon reaching the shoreline, taking time “On The Moorings” reflecting and making sense of it all, realizing the missteps that brought him to this place. “Scratches & Bridges” takes you through the healing, separating fact from fiction, truth from lies, “Yesterdaze”, at first, sounds of lament, of steps not taken, of regret, but then a jewel found in the ashes that makes all things clear, a renewed sense of existence. “Hopeless Entrance”, a coming to terms, acceptance and finding one’s self among the masks we wear, and a prayer for union and unity with what could be. Ending the album with a reprise of “The Station” and “Floating”, we see that life is circular, when you come to an end, it becomes another beginning, it is a rebirth, a renewal, a chance to make things right, to find the happiness and joy that once eluded you.

Everyone deserves a 2nd chance.


Jacquin’s band consists of singer, songwriter and piano player Paul Griffin and singer, songwriter and guitarist Rich Berta who share songwriting duties. Bass player Lalit Loomba and drummer Peter Wilson hold down the bottom end.

The band is currently based in the Hudson Valley, NY and is preparing to tour in anticipation of their full length follow-up album expected to be ready for an early 2019 release.

Hudson River was Produced by Greg Schettino, Rich Berta & Greg Jacquin, recorded mixed & mastered by Greg Schettino.

Hudson River by Greg Jacquin is to me a folktale of the ages and an awakening, the wise words from the man from Sleepy Hollow.


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Reviewed by Joseph Timmons: IndiePulse Music Magazine Journalist



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