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IndieView: Review of New Video “Demon of Love” by Straw

Straw are a “Family Band’, literally, a Family that lives, loves and creates music that is completely inspiring to hear. Straw come to us from across the sea from the beautiful country of Denmark features the talents of Carsten Fabricius (Guitar-Vocals), Wife Henriette Lykke Fabricius (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Daughters Sally and Denise On Vocals.


The Denmark-based group is well known for their clever videos, including “Family And Friends,” “To A Higher Place” and “Hot Sunny Day” as well as others of their creation, and now add the emotionally intense and deeply touching new video “Demon of Love” to their list of enticing video offerings.

In this touching video, the vocal talents of Denise Lykke Fabricius shine and reverberate the soul, in scenes spit between the studio and in the world around her, like the song, it shows a person split between two worlds, one of reality and one of dreams, the “ what if’s and what could be”, and by facing the truth, her spirit is free to move on and move past a life of heartbreak, to move on and to heal. We have all had heartbreak in our lives, some that have brought us to points of agony and to be left as wandering shells filled only with pain, but in “Demon of Love”, we learn that an end of one part of life is just the beginning of something new, and something wonderful, in order to truly live, we must, sometimes, let something we cherish go, and we must love the person within us more than we often do.

“The song “Demon of Love” is about being in a relationship where you can’t recognize yourself anymore. It’s so complicated that you can’t figure a way out of it. You’ve reached a point where the constant feeling of helplessness makes you realize that you’ve lost yourself to that other person. Lies and bad behavior is just a part of your everyday life. But the song is also about that exact moment where you decide to get out of it, that moment where you decide to choose yourself and the life you desire. I wrote the song in a critical time of my life, I was unable to forgive myself for losing myself and being in such an unhealthy relationship. I was a very strong woman before I met this man, and because of that I got so angry at myself for letting him ruin me like that. At some point this song gave me peace in my heart to forgive myself”. – Denise Lykke Fabricius

Straw Family is not just a band that calls itself “Family”, it is a family, loving, nurturing and caring for one another, and they wish to share that love with us all, and in that familial love, we can find the strength to live and love everyday.

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