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IndiePulse Reviews ATTRACTIVE NUISANCE by The Innocent Bystanders

The Innocent Bystanders have nailed it with their sound, making music worth listening to as often as possible and emotion that will last a lifetime.


Album Review by Joseph Timmons: IndiePulse Music Magazine


The Innocent Bystanders offer up a great EP in Attractive Nuisance, bright, upbeat and fun loving. The band has a distinctive harmony with a foundation in classic rock and an “uptown” sound, truly a great collection of talent with no pretension or “fakery”. Few bands coming out today have the boldness to create music with more than a few parts, The Innocent Bystanders have a large group, and every member is an integral part of the party onstage and in the studio.


Tracks on the album are driving good fun, From the opening track “Gotta get Outta Here” The Innocent Bystanders open powerfully with a song that resembles a mature look back on a life that may have missed opportunities, but the trip is worth it.  Followed by “Highways”, which is lyricly a natural segway, if not the sequel to the first track, which was sung with the male point of view, in this a woman gives her point of view, with a romantic flair. “Emerald Eyes” is a funky and bouncy love song and an ode to passion of new love. The EP ends with a song called “Working Man’s Daughter”, a track that harkens back to the gentle and sunny songs of the 60’s, rich in keyboard sounds and a search for understanding feelings that make life richer.


The Innocent Bystanders have nailed it with their sound, making music worth listening to as often as possible and emotion that will last a lifetime.

Cleverly attempting to describe their compelling, funky old school sax driven soul meets edgy alt rock vibe, the seven piece San Diego based band The Innocent Bystanders came up with some provocative throwback comparisons. Imagine Jackie Wilson, the sax player from ska punk band Buck-O-Nine, Wild & Innocent era Bruce Springsteen and Grace Slick start a golf tournament as a foursome. Then at the turn, “Wall of Sound” master Phil Spector asks to play through and things get outta hand.

That whirlwind dynamic has been fueling their performances at countless clubs, private parties and charity events and gaining them passionate local fans these past few years. They share glimpses of their colorful musical fusion on their eclectic debut EP with a title as quirky as they are, Attractive Nuisance.

Both the band moniker and EP name derive from their unique origins in the legal field. Two of the founding members, drummer/percussionist Steve Berenson and electric guitarist Steve Semeraro, worked together at a law school when they joined forces with Kaimi Wenger (electric piano, Hammond B-3 organ) and other guys from the school to form a cover band in 2013. One of the first songs they learned to play was Warren Zevon’s “Lawyers, Guns & Money” which includes the lyric, “I am an innocent bystander.” It also happens to be a legal term applying to those who are in an area where something bad happens and may be entitled to damages. “Attractive Nuisance” is another legal term referring to something that is dangerous but also seductively attractive to people.

The group felt that the outside the box nature of their hybrid style – which dares people to come along on these dynamic musical adventures – made this the perfect title for the EP.


Steve Berenson – drums & percussion
Jessica Lafave – tenor saxophone
Ben Nieberg – acoustic guitar & lead & background vocals
Kath Rogers – lead & background vocals
Donny Samporna – electric 5-string bass
Steve Semeraro – electric 6 & 12 string guitars & vocal on Working Man’s Daughter
Kaimi Wenger – electric piano & Hammond B3

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