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IAC Records: Timeless Sounds of True Art

IAC Records is a label with a mission, to bring to its listeners music that has value on a personal level. IndiePulse Music was able to get in touch with the label and acquire the latest library of titles, and it is a list of artists that have brought music to us that will inspire not only emotion, but thought.


Rather that do a track by track review, which would be the equivalent of a “spoiler” we will tell you a little about each album, as well as provide some insight into the sounds of wonder that IAC has brought to you in this years newest releases. In this article we will look at 3 specific offerings that I feel will delight you and give you an idea of the well rounded catalogue of a label that is diverse, enigmatic and fun. With many styles of music to offer. I will not reveal their entire catalog, but more like offer a taste of the wealth of music offered.



Let us begin with James Blonde, IAC has produced 2 albums for your listening pleasure, a re-release of James Blonde’s album International Orange and a more recent collection of work, Stockton Rhythm.

It has been almost a decade since the last James Blonde album, International Orange was released. Fans of The Producers, Hawks, The Sinceros and in a more modern reference, Ed James and the Tearaways connected hard with James Blonde. You will, also, find echoes of later-era Spongetones, The Flashtones and “Set To Pop” era Bill Lloyd too..


Fast forward to the now, and we have Stockton Rhythm. A fully bright and lively album, bringing back to us a reason to dance and love the music of James Blonde again, a remarkable and very natural sequel to the earlier music produced by the group.

It’s riffy, hook-laden, hard driving rhythmic bar pop that would easy to dismiss such present-day channeling if the songs were not so well crafted and refined through the fires of passion and unpretentiousness. This is the sound of the post new wave of the early 80’s, yet it is not dated or “dusty”, and the energy of Guitar Rock is strong, fast and furious!


Stockton Rhythm is a great album, featuring the talents of Eric Westphal – Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar, Piano, & Backing Vocals, Joe Bettencourt – Acoustic, Electric, & Lead Guitars, Peter Hackett – Drums, Percussion, & Backing Vocals. Produced by Eric Westphal and Justin Phelps. Engineered by Justin Phelps.

Learn More about James Blonde Here –



The music of Nathan Ignacio is soul searching, it is both classical and modern, with the flow of the folk stylings associated with Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger, but with the humor nd humility of Arlo Guthrie. Nathan performs in a manner that is inviting, he brings back the meaning of the singer / songwriter s storyteller, weaving the beauty of imagination into verse and giving sound both form and function. In his album “A Step Behind” I almost feel thet his meaning is home and hearth, is only a step back, you can always go home again, for home is in the heart, just next to the love you hold within. Yes, a very romantic foray, but this album speaks to the pert of me, the part of all of us that want to be free to be young again.


Nathan’s approach to delivering Music is different, it is dancy, and it is a sight to be seen. He has taken a 100 year old tradition that is the one man band and made it his own. Nathan Ignacio is a one of a kind Artist out of the central valley; although his musical expertise, influence, and experiences stretches much farther. He travels weekly from town to town. From the mountains to Los Angeles is a regular for gigs and what he sees as other chances to create a memorable experience for people by sharing his passion for music.

Learn more about Nathan Ignacio Online:



IAC has within it’s list of artists the Napa Valley Duo, Jeffrey McFarland-Johnson and Terry Winn, both amazing in their talents and skills, but together and play in a way that fills the room, subdues the senses and takes you on a trip though the warmth of passionate performance. Their release “An American In Paris” is magnificent, and instrumental journey that will sweep you away to places that until you experience them, would only be in your imagination. Full, robust and like a fine wine, sumptuous.


There is an undeniable signature of ebb and flow between Jeffrey and Terry as they breathe the phrases together that simply cannot be replicated by anyone else. Sit back, and enjoy the sounds of the Napa Valley Duo as they present to you refined music for cello and piano which does not exist in published form.

Visit Them at IAC –

You can also find them on their own site

We have 2 more albums to provide reviews for, so check back in 1 week, and we are sure you will want to hear more about what IAC has coming your way in this, to be, a musical and magical year for the Indie Label Scene.

Visit the IAC Website to Learn More and Buy some Great Music By Great Artists.

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