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IndiePulse Album Spotlight: Time Frame by Andrew Durr

“The Voice and Music of Andrew Durr is as timeless as music itself” – Joseph Timmons, IndiePulse Music Magazine

Time FrameSongs from the play Migrant Mother


Musical score as performed by Andrew Durr

Available on IAC Records

In this country, the American Dream of a good life and the freedom to live it has been one that is, as one would believe, a dream shared by millions of people, ones that came here from far off lands and ones born here. And for the few and the proud, it is one that came into a reality, but for many, it is still elusive.

Then came the financial fall from grace, The Great Depression, the collapse of the financial market and financial security os a nation, an event that not only changed the country, but the people, some were changed forever. the Great Depression occurred from 1929 to 1933. This period of time forever changed the way we in this country lived, it shaped the way we think, and it shaped the philosophies of how artists used music to spread the news of the human condition in this nation.

Andrew Durr

Andrew Durr with a little help from his friends, brings together the great classic songs from the “Dustbowl” era of Woody Guthrie and Stephen Foster and many more classics, which are rought up to date and relevant to today as we look at the way things are moving in our lives now.

Time Frame is and album of songs originally compiled for the stage production of Migrant Mother, the brainchild of Jack Souza and the writing by Ken White, these new arrangements by Andrew Durr bring new meaning and life. Produced in the recording studio by Don Setaro, this album is a must have for fans of American Roots.


In the creation of this album, one truth is evident, the voice and music of Andrew Durr is as timeless as music itself, it weaves a rich tapestry of images and brings this play into your mind, he has not just given us an album to enjoy, but he gives us pause to remember that life is worth living, even when it seems that all is lost.

At first glance, the album cover uses an image that is striking, a well known image of Florence Owens Thompson, a mother that while holding her child, the look on her face wonders what future her and her family will have, one of melancholy, worry and hope. But the wondrous magic happens when you press play on this album, in true American Folk Music fashion, the lives of the song’s subjects are made real, music that moves you, soothes you and at some points brings a tear to your cheek.

Why is this an important album to hear an why must you own it?

Let us look at the subject of the music, the people… all across America, fortunes were lost, many lost their wealth, literally overnight, lost jobs, homes… everything. Men would stand on line for hours to try and find work, women would have to figure out how to make a few pennies feed their families, and some thought to travel across country, heading West to California to find new fortunes. At the same time strong natural conditions occurred and the midwest and western states were subject to harsh drought, creating the “Dustbowl”, where lush farming opportunities once stood, now were barren and un-farmable lands, it seemed as if even God had forsaken this country.

How the American people survived the depression era, and how it shaped our present way of life is a testament to the human ability to survive in adverse conditions, and “Time Frame”, the music of Andrew Durr, is a testament to this, his music lives and breaths, it stirs the soul of the listener and captures the moment.


Andrew’s ability to paint an image in words and verse, his storytelling ability is significant and harkens back to a pre internet era, when we would gather round the minstrel and hear the news in a way we could all comprehend. And it is Andrew Durr’s voice that sets the tone and brings you along the Migrant Mother’s journey.


Time Frame – Songs from the play Migrant Mother is available on IAC Records

Visit Andrew Durr at IAC –

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The Play Migrant Mother ran in production in 2014, I would love to see this come back and run in national theatre, read about it here :

Feature Photograph credit to Jeremy Center, Photographer

Article Photographs by Phillip Johnson and Eric Bjerke.



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