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Review: Karyn White’s Gale & the Storm Soundtrack by Erika Torres

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Quite impressive. Gale and the Storm brings back the feel of the culture. Anyone who listens to this soundtrack will feel the enriched sounds from each instrument. Nowadays songs mainly have the generic beats that are composed in the studio. For instance, who uses the tambourine as part of their beat? The tambourine comes from the percussion family that creates the loud, rattling, festive sound. Including these instruments is what brings back the R&B culture. This soundtrack pulls you away from the modern world whilst watching the film bringing more attachment. This soundtrack ties extremely well with the film. It really brings out the soft, smooth, R&B sound. No other artist could be able to nail it right on the spot as well as this soundtrack did.

Going on and on with the soundtrack, the artist herself Karyn White is the first female artist to release three singles that went #1 on the Billboard charts. Great job, Karyn! For those unaware, she is known for her R&B hits, “Superwoman”, “Secret Rendezvous”, and “The Way You Love Me”. Karyn also has a company called, Karen White Enterprises. It is a media company that exposes inspiring-soul music. White has released her own album under her own label, known as “Carpe Diem”.


Karyn’s new movie, “Gale and the Storm” relatively relates to her life. The movie depicts a music producer who meets a significant soul singer and works his best to persuade her to get back to singing. The tension that unfolds in the scenes ties very well with the rock, R&B soul style of music. The intensity is very well matched with the music to keep the audience at the edge of the their seats.

Karyn White has done a very well, precise, and clean work. She interprets the culture, the theme, and the sound of music incredibly well.

The only downside is the quality of the video taking. If the quality was better it would have been easier to watch. There were just a few lighting issues I believe in a few scenes; but nothing that could not be easily fixed. However, maybe a tip to remember would to make sure not to overdue the sound of the tambourine. Stay within a little limit to make sure that it is not overdone.

KW-16 orton copy.jpg

All in all, Karyn White has done an incredible job with the plot and always kept it interesting. It is quite intriguing to think about what her next work could be about. There is great connection in this film so her next works should still be as impressive. The characters were played very well. There would be no connection if the characters could not play it off well. However in this case, they played well together and helped express and visualize the plot of the storyline. This movie brings out the heartfelt, hard-working, meaningful style of film and music. With such an impressive piece of art, Karyn White seems to have a bright future ahead of herself in the world of film, and is already an Icon in the world of music.

Rate: 4 / 5 Stars

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