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IndiePulse Reviews New Album Red Ghost by Miles Maxwell


Red Ghost by Miles Maxwell  Official Release August 18th, 2018.

Mixed by Sean O’Keefe (Fall Out Boy, Plain White Ts, Hawthorne Heights)

Review by Joseph Timmons: IndiePulse Music Magazine


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In Review: Red Ghost by Miles Maxwell is a fun, campy, sarcastic, upbeat and often irreverent album, an introspective series of tracks that show a man that faced the rainbow of ghosts and skeletons in the closet we call life.

Where there are several songs that could be considered “break up” tunes, they are not somber, but show that there is hope on the other side of sadness. Red Ghost has that east coast barroom sound, the use of instruments by this multi talented group of artists is sublime, no wasted notes, and everything has its place in perfect harmony and presence.

The album Red Ghost is presently available on Bandcamp to hear and pre-order, the stream is located in article contents. One thing to take note, is the lack of fear these artists have, to be open and expressive and create music that tugs on the heart from opening to close, it is a sign of courage and I applaud them for it, the vocals of Miles Baltrusaitis show the “inner turmoils” he experienced and he has created from these music that lightens the soul. In addition to this, with the support of his band mates, who obviously have a natural cohesiveness to their playing styles make this album, Red Ghost, a positively haunting experience.


Looking at what lead up to this great new album and this fantastic band of souls, In late summer 2017, thirty-something lead singer/guitarist Miles Baltrusaitis hadn’t played an original note of music for an audience in nearly a decade. Surprising everyone around him, he went on an intense songwriting flurry fueled by a broken heart and a suburban life rattled out of cruise control. After a month’s time, 9 deeply personal chapters of a complete narrative emerged in need of a band to bring the eclectic story songs to life.

After a chance encounter, he enlisted the help of fellow Williams College football teammate and drummer Matt Stankiewicz and his keyboardist brother Dan when their neo soul band My Blue Valentine split. The three agreed to launch the band Miles Maxwell (using Miles’s middle name) when they met bassist Steve Kingwell – a veteran of numerous suburban Chicago cover bands – through a mutual friend and the lineup was complete.


With his new songs giving him the courage to resurrect his early passion, he sought out the best available collaborators. While the band recorded all the tracks in Miles’s home studio, mixing duties were handled by renowned Fall Out Boy and Plain White T’s Producer Sean O’Keefe.

Now, only six months after debuting their blues and country infused vibe at Silvie’s Lounge, the constantly gigging band has released its multifaceted debut album Red Ghost.

Genre-wise, the members have a wide range of influences including everything from pop-folkies Steve Goodman and Harry Chapin, alt-country rockers Uncle Tupelo, the Americana legend Steve Earle, and the Jazz Rock of Steely Dan. As a student, Miles studied jazz guitar at Williams, dug deeply into the Chicago Blues tradition and took a few years to learn American Primitive fingerstyle guitar a la John Fahey. As a songwriter, he’s a graduate of the Williams College Singer Songwriter program that also produced Molly Venter of Red Molly and Caitlin Canty. Matt and Dan’s father was a music teacher in Western Massachusetts where he encouraged them to pursue an education in music. Matt completed his degree in percussion at Williams while Dan inherited his father’s passion for vintage electronic pianos.


The nine compelling tracks on Red Ghost are lyrically witty and decidedly quirky, but also have a heartfelt confessional intensity that Miles never could have shared back in his 20’s. The band’s chief songwriter had to live the pain of falling for someone outside of marriage and watching that “girl become a ghost” (a lyric in the rumbling, Prince-styled country rocker “Something New,” which colorfully weaves the basic story) to write brilliant tunes about it. Another gem is the tight, edgy blues-rock ballad “She Says (Whiskey Down at 4 am),” which chronicles a sleazy confrontation in a Vegas bar where secrets are revealed, true feelings are exposed and a conversation unravels a larger story.

Title aside, the first release “Terrible Song,” is a mid-tempo pop/rocker with an irresistible guitar hook that examines how it feels to compromise a marriage pursuing a fling that shouldn’t have happened and couldn’t last. Though it’s the final song on the album, the Fender Rhodes, organ and guitar-driven blues ballad “Red Ghost” is the album’s emotional centerpiece. As Miles says, “It’s a song about trying to close the chapter on a story that is blurry and fading in the rear view mirror. Trying to make sense of the unknown, like why didn’t things work? What was wrong with me? What was wrong with her? Where do I go from here? It’s not a happy ending but an ending nonetheless.”


When speaking of the recording process, Miles added “I love the dynamic we have where I can bring in a crazy idea, riff, lyric or story to Matt and Dan and they instinctively know how to give shape and structure. They’ll improve on it with extended vocal harmonies, or use their deep understanding of tempo and change the rhythm scheme to make it just right. Then we put Steve on top of that and we’ve got something pretty amazing.”

Miles Maxwell is:

Bass: Steve Kingwell
Drums: Matt Stankiewicz
Keys: Dan Stankiewicz
Guitars and Vocals: Miles Baltrusaitis

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