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IndiePulse Music: NEVERWONDER News

NEVERWONDER came into existence from their home base of Los Angeles with a unique sound fusing rock, pop, and funky grooves. Their music is driven by strong musicianship and is rooted in life’s experiences.

The pulse and backbone of NEVERWONDER are Andres Ramos and Vincent Ramos. These talented brothers are the heartbeat of the band.  The Ramos Brothers have also recorded and performed extensively throughout the Los Angeles area. Andres and Vincent being fans of strong grooves, heavy rock beats and alternative music, accompanied by their combination of creativity and entrepreneurship established the band NEVERWONDER. If that was not enough raw power and energy, with the addition of their new guitarist Jay Wise, they are a musical force to make serious news in the Los Angeles Music Scene.

The vocalist and Frontwoman of NEVERWONDER is , Fabienne Grisel. Hailing from Geneva, Switzerland, Fabienne’s vocal style effortlessly ranges from beautiful soprano tones to an edgy growl. Fabienne has been a solo pop/blues/jazz recording artist for many years, and now has joined forces with NEVERWONDER to deliver a fresh blend of rock, pop and funky grooves.


IndiePulse Music Magazine has had another opprotunity to speak with the band and get some insight into what is to come and what they have in store for their fans and the global music scene.

IPM: What’s the thing you like the most about being part of the band NEVERWONDER?

Fabienne: I enjoy the collaboration, it’s always interesting to see what everyone is gonna come up with. And when you put it all together, it’s magical. I think we have similar taste where it matters and differences where it makes it interesting. Also even when we disagree with something, there is always a level of respect there, and that’s really important.

Vincent: It’s just fun and a lot of hard work and fun, but there is a lot of respect for each other, that’s what makes NEVERWONDER a band of great musicians. Lastly the writing songs, playing live and the music journey overall we go on together!

Jay: We have a great group of musicians. Each member strives for excellence with their instruments and song writing. We have a family approach when making vital decisions. This brings out the best in all of us.

Dre: I like playing live we work real well together and we put together a fun and cool set

IPM: How would you describe the NEVERWONDER music sound?

Fabienne: We are a hard rock band with a good dose of funk/pop melting into each other combined with cool melodic vocals.

Vincent: I would say we start with trying to have a great groove for the songs, the guitars a heavy drive and the vocals always with hooks… But the thing I Iike the most is there are no rules in NEVERWONDER, so what I mean is that whatever idea comes up we will try them, and they can be crazy sometimes but we will try anything. So when the song is done it has the distinct NEVERWONDER feel for sure and as long as we love it as a band, we will play it live or add to our new CD…

Jay: Neverwonder is primarily a hard rock group with some funk riffs (feel) mixed in. With the addition of Fabienne we have our mellow side as well utilizing a dynamic approach to our sound.

Dre: Hard Rock Groove with hints of Funk


IPM: In today’s day and age, what do you each feel is the most compelling attribute a musician can contribute to society through their music?

Fabienne: I always felt that being a musician, you get to speak a universal language that everyone can feel and understand, regardless of their primary language or background.
Music brings people together who might not have come together otherwise. You can see that in concerts all across the globe. We need togetherness nowadays more than ever. And music can helps us get there.

Vincent: Great question! So for me it is TRUTH in the music above all, in all aspects. I believe be who you are and that folks will response and it will touch people. So as NEVERWONDER we try our best to always be honest with the music and message of our songs.

Jay: Many years ago I struggled with originality. A friend mentioned that with all various styles of music that every style, riff, melody line….etc…..has already been used. The best that we can do in today’s music is recycle what has already been done and do our best to add our special touch. A musician can continue to add their special emotion which will hopefully make them stand out in an over saturated music scene.

Dre: I think connecting with people is the thing… making them feel good when they hear your music

IPM: How are the new band members integrating into NEVEWRWONDER?

Vincent: They have been great from all aspects, it has been a pleasure working with

Fabienne and Jay! The most important thing being they are real people always willing to help from the business side, from our sound, to the image and of course the music they bring their own energy, passion and “will” you need from being in NEVERWONDER and for that I’m so grateful they are in the band! And really they make us laugh every day and I mean every day! Nuts but true, so that’s why they are great people and they are serious about the music to no end and still we all laugh our ass off when we are together and that to me is a sign we belong together!

Dre: they are doing a great job, very talented, also easy and fun to work with.


IPM: What are some of NEVERWONDER’s upcoming shows and events of note? 

Vincent: So we have a lot of stuff going on: Next up we are in LA at the Silverlake Lounge Fri Sept 7th then in Orange County early Oct, then we move back to LA with the Rock N Roll Marathon series of events in Los Angeles and Las Vegas…. Oct 28th in LA and in Las Vegas Nov 10th and 11th… along with a bunch radio Interview shows along the way. So check out our website for more dates.

Fabienne: Silverlake Lounge on Sept 7th!

Dre: We have a show sep 7th Silverlake Lounge, We also have 2 rock and roll marathons coming up in Oct and Nov 2018 Los Angeles and Las Vegas please check out for more details.

IPM: What would you like to share with our readers about NEVERWONDER…

Fabienne: Music is a vital part of our lives, and we are so thankful that we get to share what we do with you all.  Thanx for having us:)

Vincent: First off thank you for having us, and for supporting us and all indie bands. Come check out NEVERWONDER, listen to our music, check out our videos, the articles on our website, but most important come see us live we have a lot of fun! Thank you for checking us out in advance! Means a lot to us!

Dre: Come check out the band!

With the addition of Fabienne Grisel and Jay Wise, the band’s creative synergy is an undeniable force to be reckoned with. Their obvious chemistry has already created some powerful songs accompanied by unforgettable performances.  NEVERWONDER is excited for the path that lies ahead starting with their new EP which is out now and their next album that is on the horizon. NEVERWONDER continues to produce lasting music that their die-hard music fans will love and for the new music lovers they gain along the way.



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