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In Review: The Music of C WIRED is contagious, almost a blend of Jimmy Buffet meets Oingo Boingo, in a quirky and contemporary fashion, playing in both the classical and avaunt-guard styles, this artist weaves musical prose, satirical wit and mirth ridden lyrics with solid and talented instrument prowess,  in a word, “mind-bending”.

In his music, there are overtones of late 70’s to late 80’s Guitar Rock, but there is an irreverent “moxxy” to his songs. for a mature artist, he most definitely has no concern for the “Social Justice” political correctness many of today’s artists trip over, making a stand to sing songs the way he wants, and how he wants,  C WIRED is making music his way, and it just so happens, it is the way you like it.

You’re only gonna see the name “Chuck Whyard” once – because when this 33 years sober, serial entrepreneur (who’s gone from multi-millionaire to flat broke back to millionaire status within the last decade), dad of four and grandpa of four more grabs his guitar and hits the stage, he transcends the straight-lacedness of life and becomes C Wired.

His family members he has to block on social media may not get it, but the fans devouring the powerful songwriting and eclectic groove, rock, Americana and indie energy of Cwiredband’s debut EP Omega embrace it. It’s not just an avatar, it’s who the man is – spiritual, self-empowering, age-defying, convention-defiant, a one of a kind artist who truly embodies his inner truth as “The Sage of Song.”


Cwired’s music reflects a life that’s a ride, lived with no boundaries, following his personal credo that “my only rules are do no harm and stay out of jail. Everything else is fair game.” It’s all right there in his sound bite filled mission statement: “Self-introspection. Spiritual Evolution. Sexual Expansion. Freedom from guilt and fear. Joy in Being. No boundaries, no limitations, no judgment. Everything is in the mind. Follow your heart which is where your true self is. Music and lyrics written for older souls who have some reality under their wings.”

The Detroit-area native, who lived in Washington DC for years and currently haunts Berkeley Springs, WV, has performed the past three years at several clubs/bars around the greater mid-Atlantic Area. He’s only interested in performing original material, and has four or five sets (a 60 song repertoire) to regale audiences with. Covers? His unique voice isn’t suited for them. Besides, that’s mundane. Folks have come up to him after his shows, thinking he was playing older songs they were just unfamiliar with. His voice is as inviting as rock and roll vocals get, his electric guitar playing’s off the charts, but in the end, it’s  his storytelling that wins ‘em over. One fan, or raving critic, said it best: “Your lyrics are like Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, but with better music behind them.”

Produced by Sol Philcox-Littlefield, who’s worked with country greats Jake Owen, Aaron Lewis, Jason Aldean, Sugarland and Miranda Lambert, Omega was recorded at two prominent Nashville studios (Cathy Jo Studio, Gold Cassette Studio) and at Cwired’s home base of Dragon’s Lair Studios. It features a host of top session players, including guitarists Justin Ostrander and Addison Smith, bassist Amos Heller (Taylor Swift), keyboardist Will Houchens and drummer Jerry Roe (Darius Rucker, Amy Grant, Kid Rock).


So, let’s dig into the kick-ass, spiritually enlightened, real life tracks on Omega.If you’re lookin’ for, the witty, bluesy and hard-rockin’, you can’t beat “Gettin’ Sober’s a Bitch” – ‘cause Cwired’s been there and he knows. The title track’s a little dreamier, laid back and expansive, a soulful reflection about the reality of depression and the way we personally contribute to our own down cycles. The reflective mid-tempo “Anna Kissed The Sky,” about how we “lie and deceive and misperceive” was inspired by Cwired’s chance encounter years later with a seemingly “good girl” who was now an adult film star. The high energy, gospel influenced jam “Jessah” uses trippy spiritual and visceral imagery to share his loving feelings towards a lively, spiritual young woman he is in a relationship with. The singer’s deeply spiritual nature naturally makes him gravitate towards helpful angels, and Omega includes two songs inspired by and about them: the mostly instrumental “Benevolent Angels” and the uplifting life philosophy session “Angels Dancin’ on the Head of a Pin.”

“I have had an continue to have amazing life experiences that adults can relate to in that I have no fear in writing about or exposing myself,” says C Wired. “My life and music are an open book, so maybe people can learn or get comfort from it. Or be envious, whatever works. I enjoy being viewed as a role model by older men who are amazed by what I can do and the life I am leading.”

C Wired artistically blends dance-able grooves with beautiful poetic lyrics that craft themes of interest to the adult contemporary crowd. His songs are fun, thought provoking, full of life, and intimately share a lifetime of spiritual and sexual awareness. An evening with the C Wired Band is a real experience and will have you dancing, laughing, and even shedding a few tears. His music is a unique blend of rock with a classic sound and a country feel, indie, and progressive Americana , most audiences say they have never heard anything like it before.



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