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IndiePulse Reviews: “Not Too Bad” by Bad French

The New Album “Not Too Bad” by Australian Duo Bad French now available on Unearth Records Label

Review by Joseph Timmons: IndiePulse Music Magazine

In Review: “Not Too Bad” by Australian duo of Daniel Forsyth and Michael Carney at first glance might appear to be a new international odd couple, one a dashing and debonair aristocrat and the other a part animal wildman, which, well…. is exactly what they are, but the enigma of Bad French is the switch places quite often and often in mid step. One should never judge a book, or an album by the cover, it is whats in the grooves that count, and on the album “Not Too Bad” there is a whole lot of magic in each and every groove of each and every track. these wonders from down under are extreamly talented and make every second count.

Not Too Bad - cover

So, from the sophisticated streets of Paris…. Australia, we introduce you to Bad French, with an 80’s Retro style and an air of wit, they produce high end, Pop driven and sometimes sarcastic tracks that make you want to dance and jive your way to freedom of expression, and enjoyment of the better things in life, like their music for instance.

Bad French has a very alluring sound, new wavy and exotic, occasionally erotic, they take time to write great music, great lyrics and mix it up with a little Vermouth, Gin, Scotch or whatever is lying around the poolside bar.


I sincerely enjoyed the tracks “Within You”, “Errol’s Forest”, “Teen Dream Woman” and “Monsieur de la Nuit”, all tracks great, but these 4 are inspirational, exciting and just so avaunt guard rapscallion delicious. Don’t get me wrong, this Duo is quite serious about their music and it shows in their sound, “Not Too Bad” is actually quite Fab!

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Over the years, frontman Dan Forsyth and instrumentalist Mike Carney have shared houses, bands, books and ideas together. More recently they have shared a desire to speak French which they both can do… badly.

The idea of Bad French is to embrace being bad and to put aside ideas of perfection. The first song the pair wrote together was after sharing a meal, a bottle of wine and some laughs whilst writing a bad song. Interestingly, the song that came about, Le Pull, ended up being not too bad.


Described by as warm synths, offbeat bass pulses, jangly guitar and sweet, sweet man-vox, Bad French’s music fits into a genre labelled 80s discount. Mike and Dan are not quite sure what that means, but if it’s 80s-inspired music that is allowed to be bad, well then that’s OK. The US blog Indie Shuffle characterised Bad French as unique, spellbinding, and captivating .. some people will like it; others will hate it.


Since their first get together, Dan and Mike have pulled together 8 tracks and compiled them into a debut release titled Not Too Bad. The album takes inspiration from artists such as AIR, Michael Jackson, Tame Impala and Little Dragon. Most of all however the pair try to look into the souls and see what comes out. If it’s discounted, bad and people hate it, well… c’est la vie.


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