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Tia McGraff Has Stubborn In Her Transylvanian/Scottish Blood: Exclusive Interview

STUBBORN_coverphoto_withtextHailing from just south of Toronto, Ontario Canada, Tia McGraff is an internationally-renowned, award-winning americana/singer-songwriter and author.  Accompanying Tia on her musical journey is her life/musical partner, Tommy Parham. The two met and married while both were living in Nashville, TN and have enjoyed an extensive career performing, songwriting and recording together for more than 12 years. They bring such an honesty and passion to their music that they have even been described as the modern day, Johnny and June!

A gifted author, Tia’s children’s book, Jake The Road Dawg has helped raise funds and awareness for her local chapter of The Dolly Parton Imagination Library. Seven international CD releases, various film/tv placements, and numerous nominations and awards (including Americana CD of the year first round nomination for 2016 Grammy Awards),  have earned Tia and Tommy a respect in the music industry and a global fan base. The duo have a gift for ‘getting to the heart of the matter’ and writing relate-able songs about life, love and this crazy world we live in.


Tia took time out from preparing for her UK Tour dates, to answer some questions for us:

Indie Pulse Music: Congrats on your album, “Stubborn In My Blood.” Tell us about the
concept behind the songs:
Tia McGraff: there is a lot of discussion about immigration these days. I am proud to tell people I am Canadian of Transylvanian/Scot ancestry. This inspired title track “Stubborn in my Blood.”  The rest of the songs focused around strength and fortitude.  All forms. Love, hope, forgiveness, peace…..we then sequences them in order of fruits of the spirit.

IPM: Is Rock Dead?  Why, or why not?

TM: No. Not dead. Listen to new bands like Greta Van Fleet. Long live the real deal.

IPM: What is the single biggest challenge facing music artists today?

TM: Making money to support a professional music career. Lots of bar bands and covers being hired for ticket selling festivals. What happens when the real singer songwriters fade out of resistance? What do bar bands sing then?

IPM: Tell us about a Tia McGraff live show.  What should fans expect?

TM: Raw acoustic honesty and story telling.

IPM:  What was the first album or single that you bought with your own

TM: Best of Beatles, Linda Rondstadt greatest hits and Rush (Moving Pictures)

IPM:  Where in the world would you love to play, that you haven’t and why?

TM: My grandma’s church in Transylvania.  She sang there before moving to Canada in 1930. She always supported my career and told me I was living the dream for both of us.

IPM: Should musicians get involved in politics, including posting about their political beliefs? Why or why not?

TM: Hmmmmmm. Folk artists yes. Country artists too divisive and life threatening. Lol.

IPM: Thanks for the fantastic conversation!  Where can our readers find out more info about you?

TM: Socials listed on there as well.  Thank you for the opportunity and support. Peace!

Don’t miss Tia and Tommy’s UK Tour in September, at one of the featured venues listed:




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