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“Spandex, Lipstick, And Sparkles!” Aaron Hart From Love Stallion Talks To Indie Pulse Music

untitled-26Inspired by the “big rock” sound of the 1970s and ’80s, rock stars like David Lee Roth and Freddie Mercury, and dynamic bands like Van Halen, Kiss, and Def Leppard, Love Stallion is charging onto the music scene with original glamorous hard rock. The band’s high energy live performances, flamboyant wardrobes of sequins, spandex and leather, and their signature “Sexy Disco Legs” have placed Love Stallion in the spotlight among Denver’s hottest tickets.
Their recent single release, “Slow Release” just hit the Canadian iTunes rock charts at #4, while the video has been nominated in the Indie Best Videos Awards.  That same video hit #1 on the IndiMusicTV chart.  Aaron Hart, lead vocalist and frontman for the band took time out from the band’s “Unforgettable Ride” to talk with us…
Indie Pulse Music: Congrats on your album, “Unforgettable Ride.” Tell us about the concept behind the songs:
Aaron Hart: Thank you!  Our mission was to bring back the big stadium rock & roll in the style of the 70s & 80s, while adding our own personal & modern flair. Most of our songs revolve around fun and love.  We have always loved this style of music, and we know so many others grew up with it as well, so we’re helping swing the pendulum back from electronic music to real & raw rock & roll.IPM: Is Rock Dead?  Why, or why not?

AH: Never!  Gene Simmons stirred up that conversation several years back, but was more talking about how file sharing has made it hard for artists to succeed.  While rock’s heyday has certainly passed, it is still one of the most popular genres in the world.  The style and groove of the music creates fun energy, and while the classics continue to thrive, big rock bands like Foo Fighters, The Darkness, and Steel Panther are keeping rock alive and well.Aaron MarquisIPM: What is the single biggest challenge facing music artists today?

AH: I think a big challenge today is getting rid of distractions to focus on your music. Phones & Netflix are eating up too much bandwidth (no pun intended) that could otherwise go into writing, practicing, and supporting local music.IPM: Tell us about a Love Stallion live show.  What should fans expect?

AH: Spandex, lipstick, and sparkles!  We give a full assault of the senses, with big guitar riffs, a wall of vocals, sexy moves, and our very own Sexy Disco Legs. We hope all of our fans have a chance to hear some good music, share some laughs, and have an incredible experience they’ll always remember.  And for those who have never seen any of the big glam rock bands live, we hope to give them a taste of what the good old days were like!IPM: What was the first album or single that you bought with your own money?

AH: Green Day – Dookie! What an awesome album. Hard punk rock singing about sex, drugs, and rock & roll totally blew me away as a young kid. It was bad-ass and edgy; something I was not!IPM: Where in the world would you love to play, that you haven’t and why?

AH: It is our dream to play Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheater.  Red Rocks is one of the most beautiful venues in the world, with incredible acoustics and energy.  The colors of the rocks, views of the city, and ability to see the stars at night all make it one of the most magical places in the state.IPM: Should musicians get involved in politics, including posting about their political beliefs? Why or why not?

AH: Love Stallion’s focus is our music, the show, and having a great time! So, while we like to stay out of the political fray, we think as long as everyone, musicians included, are respectful, we don’t have a problem with it.Aaron bw Love Stallion
IPM:  Thanks for the fantastic conversation!  Where can our readers find out more info about you?
AH: Thank you!  Check us out on our website, Facebook @lovestallion and Instagram @lovestallionband  Also, check out our music video of “Slow Release” on YouTube.



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