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Artist Spotlight: Crypitus

Crypitus is a band originally formed in 2015 and revamped in 2016 with a new line up. The founding member Doug Friend in collaboration with Zach Patch and Peter Snee have reworked the framework for some original 2015 Crypitus tunes as well as an arsenal of their own new songs creating a good array of music.

Crypitus is Heavy, Death, Thrash and Black Metal influenced band but reach out to pull from genres such as jazz, punk and even hardcore. When the new group came together in May of 2016 they were hellbent to tighten their sound and play out!

Crypitus 2

After a few hometown shows in Rutland VT they took to take off to the rest of New England. Started off in New Hampshire and Massachusetts and had spread their reach to Maine and Connecticut. In late November they had decided to lay down some recordings to continue to spread their reach and their music as far as possible. With the help of Doug and Zach Norford they have been working hard at contriving their dream with the upcoming demo titled “Exhibit 1: Prelude to the Dead World.”

With established hit such as Breakdown, Tundra and Thunder the aim is to create a rounded dystopian image of the world to come and how we treat the world. For a long while Crypitus has played out at a three piece two guitars, drums and vocals but since August of 2017 they have joined forces with Joe Minard and plan to slay all the way down the coast as a quartet.

The summer of 2018 will prove to be a continuation of the strength and determination Crypitus has shown through the last year of their existence and with the release of the demo should help create more opportunities, more fun and more fans for the Homegrown Vermont Metal band; Crypitus.

Crypitus 1

IPM: What inspired you to write music like you do

Joe: I just go with the flow.
Pete: The expression you can do when you write fun metal.
Doug: I’ve listened to a lot older school thrash/death/black metal that I’ve really tried to route myself in, while trying to make something nobodies every heard before!

IPM: Tell us about the other members of the band, and of your chemistry.

Zach: Eh, they’re ok. Joe is awesome. He’s a quiet fella with a quick wit. Pete complains a lot but he’s good at guitar. Doug just has to be in charge because I’m not doin it.
Joe: They’re cool people. Zach is awesome at drums. Pete is good at guitar and gets to drive me around. I think Im in love with Doug.
Pete: There’s Joe, he’s the most normal one of us all. Doug has his shit together the most. And Zach is the most hospitable guy I know.
Doug: Zach is there to keep everyone’s spirits high, Joe is my backbone and will do anything we need him to, Pete is also important.

IPM: What are or were some of the challenges for you in producing or performing while keeping true to your vision of your music.

Zach: I can’t play my drums fast enough
Joe: Not much
Pete: There really hasn’t been anything mentioning that’s held us back from our music. Maybe day jobs but that’s kind of a given.
Doug: The major downfalls to reaching out goals/visions would be our line up troubles, being in vermont there isn’t alot of metal musicians but we finally found a good group.

PM: Tell us about some of your recent shows / performances- anything that stands out, or is there anything that you feel makes for an exciting highlight.

Zach: We just did a killer tour. It was a lot of fun and it really helped tighten up our game.
Joe: We just finished a tour which was awesome.
Pete: The tour we just had was incredible. Brooklyn, Philly, Boston, Richmond. There were great people and bands at each one.
Doug: We’ve recently branched out to some new areas as the guys mentioned. Montreal QE CA was an amazing time, Pirhana bar is the name and they treated us very well!

IPM: Any Albums coming out soon, Any Major Shows?

Zach: I’d really like to see a full length album get started. We’ll be making a little mini tour before the end of the month.
Joe: We have a mini tour sometime soon.
Pete: I’m looking forward to our mini-tour with Black Absense coming up this month. And Herdflock in August is gonna be sweet.
Doug: Our single Danger is still going strong, we have our MiniTour 7.19-7.22 with Black Absense
8.24 & 8.25 we have a weekend with Alions
and the full length is beginning to be mapped out!

IPM: Any “strange tales” or things that may have happened during a show that seemed too weird to be true?

Zach: My drums started floating away this one time. I couldn’t explain it.
Pete: In Richmond, they told us to leave town before the shootings started.
Doug: One time we played with Psychostick and I was dressed at a Bacon Taco, the bass play told the crowd to throw me to the stage, they did an Moose took a bite out of me and threw me back.

IPM: Where do you see your music going, where would you like to be in the near future, goals, dreams and passions?

Zach: World tour! I’d like to release an actual album in the near future, but my real passion is fishing
Joe: World domination
Pete: I want to be able to play music for a living and make it the most important thing in my life.
Doug: I want my music to impact as many people as possible, that’s what going to make me happiest.

IPM: What would you like our readers to know about you, Why do you think that they would enjoy your music / performances

Zach: I’m special. We try to Sound special
Pete: We don’t really subscribe to any specific subgenre of metal. Our songs also tell stories through the music so that’s fun.
Doug: We are a high energy metal-blend for anyone who is sick of cookie cutter bullshit!

IPM: Where can our readers find your music?  




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