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It may not be exactly what the iconic writer and humorist actually said, but one of the most famous quotes attributed to Mark Twain was, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” Thanks to the no holds barred, party on spirit and explosive energy of Denver based juggernaut Straight Six, we can now blissfully declare the same of rock and roll.

It may have stumbled off the mainstream for some years after Grunge and Napster torpedoed it, but it’s back with a vengeance and ready to reclaim its hard-edged glory. Straight Six’s aptly named full length debut Full Circle is the modern day equivalent of that amazing era when rock was loud, the musicians gave their all and no holds were barred.


Driven by the propulsive rhythms of longtime friends and bandmates, bassist Glen Drieth and drummer Joey Shapiro, the blistering guitar and white hot riffs of Eric Schaudies and the once in a lifetime vocal transcendence of frontman Jay Quintana, the collection is a rock and roll party that brings everyone back to the old Sunset Strip Days (when fluke gigs at The Whisky a Go Go could lead to a multi-million dollar record deal!) and the early wild abandon of Van Halen. To track the album, they went to the best: Steve Avedis of Colorado Sound, whose credits include *NYSNC, Tony Bennett, Kenny Rogers and Edwin McCain. Naturally, in addition to digital and streaming, they’ve released it on CD, vinyl and even cassette tape!

The four all bring years of experience and hard-won wisdom into the mix. Before Glen and Joey played together in quasi punk band Grace’s Period, Glen toured with country singer Chris Cagle and Joey skinned for XYZ and Puzzlegut. Eric played with Concrete Effect and Chilli Whip, while Jay sang with the popular Denver metal band Death Bed Confession. Since launching in 2017, Straight Six has built a huge regional following, gigging at hotspots like The Venue, Herman’s Hideaway, and @Cheers, where they are currently engaged in a popular competition/festival called Heart for Hayden.

They recently opened for Stryper and Slaughter at The Stampede, and did dates with the Dio Disciples at The Whisky in Hollywood, Count’s Vamp’d in Las Vegas and other venues in Denver and Salt Lake City.


Straight Six is bold, brash and ear shattering, yet thanks to Glen’s artful, melody, groove and playful story driven songwriting, they’re turning that noise into super catchy tunes that set audiences ablaze. Glen penned several songs about his time living in Los Angeles. “Back Home” is about the doubts that come with the big dreams, and the dilemma of whether one should stick it out or return to a safer haven. “Joneser’s Lane” is a cautionary tale about a well-known street in Venice where drug deals took place. One of Glens’ favorites is “Middle of the Ride,” which uses the metaphor of a tunnel of love caving in to describe a messed up, ultimately doomed relationship. Twisting the old cliché, “Divided we Stand” cleverly chronicles a relationship that’s failed due to poor communication.

“The album has perfectly captured who Straight Six is today,” says Joey. “We recorded it very organically. I used a click track when we did the drums, but we recorded it all together with very few overdubs. Yet there are two tracks of guitars on much of the album, so it sonically competes with those of other current bands.  We have people constantly telling us after seeing us live for the first time or hearing the record for the first time, ‘Thank you! This brings me right back to what I’ve been missing all this time.’ Likewise, it means everything to us, because that’s how we feel playing our music and the fact that it’s translating to the fans is just incredible.”


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