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From Lebanon to the World – An Interview with Aleph Abi Saad

Aleph is a renowned pianist, arranger and composer, known for his unique oriental touch and passion for fusion, Bio: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aleph_(pianist), gracing stages from the tender age of 8, this is what Aleph was born to do. He continues his mission on taking his music to all the corners of the globe. Recently, He sold out the Olympia Music Hall in Paris with his own headlining show. The show was a true success and a critical hit, this was followed up by the grand unveiling of another Aleph concept ‘Radio at the Symphony’. Now, Aleph travels around Europe for his Upcoming European Tour. Your city may be next!


Aleph - Casino Du Liban

Join us for this Interview with a truly gifted and accomplished World Music Musician.


How did the role of Aleph evolve throughout the course of your career?

It all started at the tender age of 4 years, my parents saw my natural ability for grasping music by ear.

I graduated with a degree in music theory and harmony in parallel to undergoing audio/visual studies, but I ended up doing what I have always been able to do and excel in, Music.

My family helped & guided me through my early music career, from performing at family occasions to school concerts & later to the conservatory concerts. I got such great feedback from everyone, Guaranteeing me that this was my path. Through the experience I gained from countless performances, festivals and concerts, me and my brother were able to open our own music company 8e Art Entertainment. Aleph & 8e Art are connected. We grow together.

Let’s just say I wasn’t born to work at a bank (laughs) All this has made me who I am today… the Aleph you see before you. (Aleph smiles)

As an art director in 8e art working with 90 artists, how do you perceive the perfect role of an artist? What is the perfect recipe?

Passion is not enough! Music can stay a hobby; to become successful in this business you need consistency, dedication & hard work – talent is the essence of an artist, but it’s not the only thing that matters…you need to sell yourself. That’s why I strive to help my artists call themselves musicians as well as making a living for themselves through it. In my upcoming book, artists are not destined to be poor; I explain through my eyes what it takes to succeed. What is, in my opinion, the perfect recipe.

This is a nice excerpt from my book that sums it up well: “You don’t need to be Grappelli to wow an audience. Practice hard and feed your confidence so no one would look to compare”

What would you say is your most important concert?

It’s every concert and every performance.

Aleph Picture 2

Where does the finesse and energy that flourishes in your music come from?

I’ve seen the world as scenes … movie scenes ever since I was young. My mother has always said to me that life is a play and everyone has a role to fill. Just by adding the melodies from my head to everyday life, it transforms into a literal movie scene and I feed off that. I’ve always been an imaginative child, and am glad that imagination didn’t go anywhere.

Do you consider yourself more of a musician or a true performer?

For me an artist should be a package that consists of musical feelings, technique and showmanship.

A true performer cannot only have one of the characteristics, it is a full package.

Your live concert audience need to listen to something good, something good for their soul as well as enjoy what they are seeing… do not be a candle on stage … stagnant and non-moving. Balance is key.

Did you at one point think that you would pursue any career other than music?

I always wanted to be in the food domain… – Like a chef?, yes but not in a restaurant, though time is scarce these days, I never left my passion for food behind… I am working on something  It will be revealed some day in the future (Aleph smirks)

With your love and passion for food and music; do these two worlds ever collide in any form or way?

Like music, food is an art-form … Cooking combines aesthetics & technique with creativity. Just like music it’s all in the attention to detail…sounds, colors, textures, timing and presentation all make cooking an expression of the chef, and like any art, the creator’s expression of emotions.

Finally, Aleph, what is your biggest blessing?

Other than my family, I’m blessed to have music, my true passion, as a career.


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