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Patrick Doval releases “In You”


The talented singer/songwriter and visual artist Patrick Doval has, over the course of five independently released albums and nearly two dozen videos, established himself as one of the more compelling emerging figures in modern music. His new release, slated for a late January 2019 release, entitled Broken will perhaps pan out to be his finest collection yet based on the new single release “In You” and a new music video edited and created by Doval. There’s no doubt, in another life or given a slightly different path, in my mind that Doval might have been a painter instead of a musician; his eye for color and composition will impress newcomers to his work. Doval, in music and video unlike, doesn’t betray any hint of his indie status; he is a polished artist in every respect and the obvious focus he’s put into these works helps make them all the more impactful.

He wears his influences on his sleeve. Strong strands of Brit rock, from David Bowie to The Smiths and elsewhere, spin the music in a definite stylistic direction, but never sound like rank imitation. The centerpiece part of the song, for me, is the vocal – Doval spins a bright, uplifting melody that carries listeners along from the first and flashes with effective variations during the course of the song. He’s a first rate technical singer to my ears and possess an emotive tone to his voice capable of getting under anyone’s skin with a single listen. It’s quite a contrast with the relatively downcast tenor of the lyrical content, but illustrative of how Doval orchestrates the song’s dynamics in subtle yet dramatic ways.


Every instrument is rendered with warm clarity. The organic sound of the song, the way it comes together during its first half and draws you further in with timely shifts, is one of its defining qualities and a possible harbinger of more greatness to come from Broken. Doval never wastes the listener’s time and the construction of “In You”, from its length to its transitions and how the song develops, is one of its defining strengths. Everything happens when you want it to during this song and even the melancholy underlying its heart cannot undo its satisfying effect.

“In You” is quite the package. The song, on its own, is more than enough to stoke interest in an album, based on past work and this single, has the potential to be one of 2019’s best releases. Linked with the video, however, and it takes on an even greater quality – it isn’t merely some eye candy with a fine song laid over it, but a wonderfully complimentary piece of visual art. It reinforces my belief that there are few young singer/songwriters working today with Patrick Doval’s potential and he seems poised to fully exploit its limits. “In You” definitely leans in that direction and hangs around in your memory after even a single listen, but repeated hearings only underline its imagination and musicality. Highly recommended for both devoted and casual music fans.


Mindy McCall



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