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“Tree Of Life (Dedicated To The Victims)” by Robert Miller’s Project Grand Slam

“Tree Of Life (Dedicated To The Victims)” by Robert Miller’s Project Grand Slam

After hearing their album – Trippin’, the new single “Tree Of Life (Dedicated To The Victims)” by Robert Miller’s Project Grand Slam is a vital breath of fresh air which features PGS members – Ziarra Washington on lead vocals, and Baden Goyo on piano, with songwriting by Miller himself who really gave them an undeniably awesome piece to work with. This is a track which achieves its efforts to pay dedication to the people shot while written in the wake of the California shootings which left 12 people dead, and the at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh which took 11 lives.

Gone are the days when you could go to the park, the mall, the theater, the concert venue, or even walk the dog without the possibility of a terrorist event going down somewhere around you. It might seem a little generalizing to say that, but you get a lot of inner and outer generalizations that hardly add up too much sense these days either. And it’s indeed senseless to even wrap your head around the subject without getting angry, upset, emotional and whatever goes with it. And they cut a song that can help play the part in changing the ways of the currently violent gun culture.


Hopefully this will get through to even the least concerned about it and even get through to more musicians good for making music for the cause. This track would stand out on any album compilation project of the same purpose, and stands on its own feet nevertheless. The band go way beyond just this style of music, but it keeps some smooth jazz inflections and lets it all hang out slowly, like any classic ballad. The piano lines are strong but soft and the mazing voice of Washington seal’s the deal. It comes off very clean and well rounded for such a complex subject, but the music goes just as far as the words.

All the options for gun control seem to be extensively plundered, yet no efforts to change a thing have been made, and it’s either corrupt leadership, people who don’t act on their word about it or a combination of both, and that’s the opinion this song breeds out of me already knowing enough. The effect it has on the next person might not even click, but if you hear the song and like it, just know that purchasing it will help a great cause and you’ve done your part for it and will enjoy resonating song.

One listen and you’re in the zone, by the third time you’re buying, especially if you know it’s for charity and what it’s all about. It’s half way there at that point, and even if you stream it, the Spotify and other platforms will donate the entire proceeds to the families of the victims of these two particular-shootings. It’s not much to ask for a quality product. Get it either way you can and help Miller and his band raise as much as possible for this beautiful song.


Mindy McCall



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