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IndiePulse Artist Spotlight & Video Premier: “Never Heard Bob Dylan” by Bearing Torches

“Underneath the song is a human feeling, a desire for a home, a place to belong, a song to sing that connects you to the others around you experiencing the same thing. I think Jeremy Frost who directed the video found the soul of the song and brought it to life.”

Bearing Torches, Nashville based rock band who have recently released their new single “Never Heard Bob Dylan” earlier this fall now prepare the release of the companion video for the song. The soul-meets-rock n’ roll ballad draws the listener in with Jon’s raspy vocals, catchy hooks, and guitar heavy melodies, and leaves the fans wanting more.

IndiePulse Music Magazine is Proud to bring to you the Exclusive “First Look” at the new video “Never Heard Bob Dylan”, which is to be a ground shaking and chart breaking piece by Bearing Torches, a band and a Family that is the realization of a dream.


“Never Heard Bob Dylan” captures the story of youth, determined to create a new life from the ashes, a young man with hope of making a future his father never achieved, and now in his own failure seeks to drag his son down with him, destroying anything that would give his child hope, yet, in this wake of destruction and contempt, it only fuels his sons will to survive, to find new hope, and with it a love that will give him more power to succeed that anything he had ever hoped for.

They really hone in on the craft of songwriting and storytelling, allowing it to be the forefront of their music. The band aims to make sure that their music pays tribute to Tom Petty’s finesse, Bruce Springsteen’s fire, Pete Seeger’s storytelling, and Woody Guthrie’s spirit to create a sound that’s uniquely their own and unlike anyone else out there.

From the start, bandmates Jon and Jennifer Ellison found a connection in the raw, redemptive power of rock & roll music. Mere minutes after the two met, they spent a night at a mutual friend’s party listening to front men like Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen for hours. This mutual passion for music laid the brick- work not only for their marriage, but for the formation of their band, Bearing Torches.


Their debut album, Someplace Like America, is the sound of a working-class family band whose members have survived homelessness, overseas stints in the Navy, dead-end jobs, and depression. These songs tell autobiographical stories about survival, big dreams, harsh realities, and bittersweet victories, with Bearing Torch- es finding plenty of source material in their own history.

For Jon, rock & roll was always synonymous with rebellion during his childhood years. He was raised in a strictly religious household where most secular music was forbidden. Things weren’t any easier at the boarding school he attended as a teenager — the same school that eventually threw him for listening to the FM radio after dark. As a result, Jon found himself homeless for roughly 90 days. A young adult, Jon took control of his future by making the decision to join the Navy. This turning point led Jon to meet his future wife, Jen, changing the course of his life forever.

Once Jon’s commitment to the Navy was up, the couple landed $6-hour jobs and simultaneously formed Bearing Torches. “We were just stumbling our way through it, learning as we went,” Jen remembers launching the band before they’d even mastered their own instruments—cutting her teeth on the drums while Jon tightened his songwriting chops. Before long, the band had expanded its lineup and established a new home Nashville, where Jon’s younger brother, Joseph, served as the band’s guitarist. With family friend AJ Babcock rounding out Bearing Torches’ roster, the group explored a level of shared musician- ship that seemed uniquely deep. “Jen and I are spouses. Joseph and I are blood brothers. We have the same tastes, the same roots in music. Those instincts mesh together around our common experiences and common approaches to life, and that’s the real thing that helps us connect musically,” Jon says of his three bandmates, two of whom sharing his last name.

The band pays tribute to Tom Petty’s finesse, Bruce Springsteen’s fire, Pete Seeger’s storytelling, and Woody Guthrie’s spirit. “Hearing their music gave me the confidence to tell the stories I wanted to tell. Everything started clicking once I discovered rock & roll, because those guys told the truth.” Their latest single, “Never Heard Bob Dylan,” is a captivating follow up to their first release and is currently spinning on Lightning 100: Nashville’s Independent Radio.


Bearing Torches isn’t just a band; it’s a love story. It’s a family. In a town filled with country stars and first- rate sidemen, this is a hardscrabble rock & roll group whose musical chops weren’t taught in the class- room, but learned onstage instead. Jon explains, “In a world where you become more and more isolated, how can you shine a light on what people are actually going through? You can tell that story in a rock & roll song.” Bearing Torches has struggled and survived, and they have told their story every inch of the way. An undeniable force, “Never Heard Bob Dylan” is the ultimate example of real, raw rock music.

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