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IndiePulse Reviews: Temple by Bleek Noir

Bleek Noir has released a series of haunting and Gothic tracks throughout his career, each one striking deeper and deeper into the mind’s eye of the fantastic, and  while drenched in the dark manners of the human spirit, there has always been some shine, some glimmer that is the hope for life and love that Transcends the darkness and foreboding tones.  His recent release Temple, the darkness on the imagination swirls again into a mass and pleasurable cacophony of discorded delights.


Temple is the fourth EP and the eighth release from Bleek Noir, featuring a rerecorded version of “Where Were You?” from the “I Cower Too” singles previously released.

Akin to the musical genius of Danny Elfman and with the imagery mysticism of Tim Burton, Bleek Noir spins  yarn similar to that of Victorian Era Mystery, if you close your eyes, you are swept away to another time, a time where Edgar Allen Poe was inspired by… yes, maybe a dramatic flair with these words, but this is an artist worth of praise.

Bleek, musical artist residing in the UK, has done well on this 4 Song EP-esk album, I don’t think you can really say they are 4 songs, but 4 distinct views of an emotion, a thought, a feeling, a dream or possibly a nightmare, one continuous song, or play in 4 acts, a thought that is dissected and stitched back together like a Frankenstein’s Monster of Music, the Guitarist’s Black Mass, Oh, Bella would Be Dancing in the dark to this album.


My Favorite track is Always and Anytime, this song is on of devotion, the never ending fulfillment of a vow, a sublime passion that holds a soul captive in sweet torment, it is, in itself a tar drenched bog of delightful enslavement to one that you know will be your undoing, but the fire of passion draws you in like a moth to a flame. It begs the question “What Would You Do? To what length and to what end…. How far down the rabbit hole would you willingly fall… for your beloved.

Yeah, it’s that good.

Visit Bleek Noir on Bandcamp, get the album, sample the darkness and forbidden pleasures that lay within.







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