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Jenna Cunningham drops new Single

by Mindy McCall

“Blood In The Water” is the new single by Jenna Cunningham, with a lot of great piano and Pop-perfect vocals combined with fantastic original songwriting. The single is the first to break off the new album, Seizing Self, due out early 2019. With her roots planted in Syracuse, NY, Cunningham is an LA-based Pop artist with magnificent flair to her playing and singing with beat syncopation and modern electronic inflections which keep it not only modern but very interesting for the backdrop of this single, which signifies more of the same to come on the album that is about to drop soon.


If Cunningham were just limited to Pop this wouldn’t be in her wheelhouse because it goes far beyond the realms of general Pop music standards and into a deeper place, so it would be a short call to say this is only a Pop track. She does the word much justice if that’s not the case, and that’s just one factor worth pointing out about her and where her music going. It’s hard to stay in one category but that’s one of the best things about Pop, is its mass diversity, so you can call this what you want. There’s almost a holy feeling to the vocals which she does a great job going all over the map with.

“Blood In The Water” draws you in from the first few bars and keeps you enormously satisfied till the abrupt but very concise ending. But as the backing track goes, that is only part of the value, as Cunningham proves to be a superior vocalist and lyricist as well as an instrumentalist. But it’s all in the way she uses it, which brings the un-vouched magic she weaves. And although music can be very elusive that way, it can also cross certain barriers and heal through dark times, and this song deals with cleansing the dust off the tracks, even when there’s no going back. It’s very deep but doesn’t bore for one second.


If anything can keep the demons away, it’s a good song, and that’s a better way to describe it than giving it all away can do. One song can go a long way, but it’s my prediction that Cunningham’s new album comes with a full set of songs on the same level as “Blood In The Water” and I’ll be listening when that day comes, which could not come soon enough after hearing this marvelous tune.

It’s good to hear a voice I can imagine hearing again and again after the first-time hearing Jenna Cunningham, because that’s pretty-rare nowadays in the vast consumption of music era. But it’s also a music video era for internet users as well, and the promo video for this track will leave you not only entertained, but also a little disturbed. It works wonders around the song with the storyline depicted very well, and it tops off the overall product with a good look into what the song is all about, so all bases are covered and then some on this killer new single.




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