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The Sweet Kill drop new Single

“Give It Up” is the new single by The Sweet Kill – featuring Lolita, comes with a lot of solid modern hooks and a big sound. Also featured in The Sweet Kill, is lead-singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Pete Mills who proves to be a sonic wonder himself without question. The song deals with the usual demons like addiction, with a love twist going on between the two singers. The subjects intertwine that way for a killer piece of music with absolutely-fantastic vocals from both singers who equally own all ears to be heard by it, and that’s only the beginning.

The talent and direction of Mills speaks for itself if anything through the selection of mixer Dave “Rave” Oglivie (Marilyn Manson) and co-producer Voli (Bebe Rexha). The background of Mills also speaks volumes with an extensive career in the music industry, signing with Nikki Sixx’s label for a period with his former band Flash Bastard.  Ultimately moving to Los Angeles, Pete diverged into a producing career, beginning with a co-production credit for Soulkid1’s smash hit song “We Got More Bounce in California” with Michael Patterson of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. And featured artist Lolita is from Russia, which delivers more deep darkness to the song.


It begs the question if you want to stop, to just give that one thing up that’s keeping everything else down, and it’s not as hard of a subject to tackle where two are concerned, rather than one person left alone to fight negative emotional battles. The message is clear and precise that way and it works on every level, knowing what it’s about or not. This song breaks barriers of more than one kind, between reality and the fantasy music can bring. The song delivers on the level most everything used to, and although it’s not a throwback, The Sweet Kill retain retro qualities even the classic artists somehow don’t seem able to deliver.


It’s simply about soul saving and picking up the pieces of one’s own problems and relationships. It contains such a message that it almost exceeds the music, but they kept it together with just the right mix of both elements to help The Sweet Kill and Lolita herself shine unlike a lot of artists are managing these days. The experience of Mills helps that, as if I’d already heard him a thousand times. I’m glad I heard this song because it puts me onto them and Mills previous work as well. You can say it worked wonders on my interest to do that.

The music of The Sweet Kill has a plethora of healing powers, but it’s also a power pop sound which helps drive that beyond today’s EDM and club artists. They cross barriers by combining that sound with actual organic pop and rock elements that not just any good song can pull off without a lot effort. They make it all sound so effortless you feel like you’re listening to a whole album of music in one magnificent tune. I wouldn’t change a thing about it, this is something they can look back on and be proud of, because they absolutely nailed it.


Mindy McCall



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