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IndiePulse Interviews : Cinders

When several members of Cinders met attending high school, they were unaware of the adventures that would unfold to complete their group: which continues to push the boundaries of Independent and Alternative music coming from their area.

A 6 piece Alternative Pop band from Salt Lake City, UT. The name Cinders comes from a song they had written when they were younger, before they had actually formed the project. Cinders have often been compared to bands like The Front Bottoms, Grouplove.

Cinders is Jordan Zabriskie, Montana Smith, Adrian De La Cruz, Chelsey Powell, Austin Harris, and Brad Bennett. Formed in 2015, they are attaining success across the United States, as well as continuously growing success internationally.

Cinders achievements can be correlated to their passion for their music, hard work, and a desire to create a bond between their fans and themselves like no other. With millions of streams, the success of their career is only beginning.


IPM: What inspired you to write music like you do

For a lot of people, music is a huge part of their lives. Certain albums or songs help us get through those hard times, or take our minds away from what we don’t want to think about. Most of our favorite bands are a mix of alternative, rock, punk, pop, bands and certain albums definitely saved our souls and kept us going. Our goal is to write music like that. Music that you can scream a long to, music that you can turn up all the way and feel like your far away from all of this. We want to connect with our fans and become something special in each one of their lives. And of course have fun.

IPM: Tell us about the other members of the band, and of your chemistry. 

 Jordan Zabriskie is the bomb. He has a lot of leadership qualities and spends most of his time skateboarding and marketing for Cinders. Yes he skateboards for Cinders, we endorse him. Pretty sure he comes up with 50% of our ideas. He has great chemistry with his wife.

Montana Smith is a work horse. Besides playing games, he’s the one that puts in hundreds of hours into recording and producing our music. He’s really good at telling us when our parts fit or not without saying a single word. His style is through the roof.

Austin Harris and his trusty companion Chelsey Harris have way too much chemistry. It’s crazy. Austin is mostly known for his curly hair and his big quads, but little did you know, he’s an insane musician and comes up with a lot of the catchy little melodies and harmonies in each song.

Chelsey has got the voice, she’s got the attitude, she is the reason this new album sounds so emotional and not like a cheesy boyband. She seems to be the nicest, kindest, and most loving member of the band. Keeps us at peace.

Adrian De La Cruz is probably one of the most unique musicians we know. He has been in hardcore bands to jazz bands, and his music theory knowledge is beyond this world. He keeps our music interesting that keeps you on your feet. His ears are so good that he hears even the smallest mistake and makes sure to give you the stink eye to let you know he knows. He’s probably the most hip out of any one of us.

Brad Bennett, that’s me, I play drums and that’s about it.

IPM:  What are or were some of the challenges for you in producing or performing while keeping true to your vision of your music.

For our first record, we were too cautious in our production. We wanted to make sure it was “listenable”, but for this new album we decided we wanted to record it with the same energy that we play it live. I think that’s something the listener can notice, and it was definitely hard at the beginning. But we’re so happy with the result.

IPM:  Tell us about some of your recent shows / performances- anything that stands out, or is there anything that you feel makes for an exciting highlight.

Well as much as we love huge shows for thousands of people, we had this awesome house show up in Seattle. This was such a rad show because we pretty much became best friends with many of the people there. After our set, we continued to jam a bunch of our favorite songs and went out to eat. I feel like it was a lot cooler than I’m making it sound… but we did sell out a venue near our hometown, the out of state bands had to use all of our guest passes to get a few of their fans in.

PM:  Any Albums coming out soon or shows you are looking to promote

We just released our second full length album entitled “Looking Forward to Looking Back” and we have been stoked about it! It has been awesome to see how our fans and critics have reacted. You can hear the album now on all streaming platforms now or pick up a physical copy on our website.

IPM:  Any “strange tales” or things that may have happened during a show that seemed too weird to be true?

Montana and Jordan once got caught in a very awkward conversation with a member of The Killers at one of our shows and didn’t know how to get out of it. It was so loud in the space we were in that even when we tried to keep the conversation going, we couldn’t. We would just end up looking at him and smiling… it was awful and we couldn’t believe it was really happening. Thankfully they called us up to the stage shortly after so we could get out of there.

IPM:  Where do you see your music going, where would you like to be in the near future, goals, dreams and passions?

With our music’s direction and where we’d like to be can be put together under progress. We want to always continue to grow as a band, and with our sound. Outside of music our dreams and passions include being the world champ pizza eaters, and spikeball champions when they become an Olympic sport

IPM: What would you like our readers to know about you, Why do you think that they would enjoy your music / performances

Our music is really easy to relate to and it fits any setting. Whether you are hanging out at home with the cats, or out on the town with the cats, it is a good time to jam. We would love everyone to come to a show just to experience it. Our music has a big alternative influence, but live we pull a lot of our performance from punk shows. It gets really rowdy and insanely fun. The crowd is always screaming along to each song while jumping like crazy. Seriously hope to see you at a show soon.

IPM:  Where can our readers find your music?

Hear  and See Cinders



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