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Auretté and The Polska Seeking Carnival Have Released Second Album “Bloom”

Folk pop band from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Auretté and The Polska Seeking Carnival or AATPSC released their second album, Bloom. This album can be heard on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play Music, Tidal, Napster, Amazon Music, and other digital stores services.

While the physical version (CD) of Bloom is currently in the production stage and will be released as soon as possible.

auretté and the polska seeking carnival - out now bloom

This album is called Bloom as a representation of a change or transformation that occurs both in terms of musical and AATPSC personnel. Personally, since it was formed in 2012 until now, every band member has experienced many changes in their lives. While in terms of music, Bloom experienced drastic changes and was very different from the first Self Titled album released in 2013 ago.

Changes in Bloom‘s musicality can be seen in terms of music and lyrics. If in the first Self Titled album AATPSC uses a lot of acoustic instruments and English song lyrics, on the Bloom album which contains 12 songs AATPSC adds a lot of electronic instruments and electronic sampling, and uses Indonesian lyrics in several songs.

In addition to telling the story of AATPSC’s personal transformation process, 12 songs in Bloom revolve around life. The first single titled “Rinai Hujan (Rain)” tells the story of someone who is feeling sad when standing in the rain, he expects someone to meet him and ask him to take shelter. While in “Lullaby (Wondering Why)” AATPSC describes the relationship between humans and God. “On The Shore” surreally depicts lovers who are walking on the beach. AATPSC also highlights social issues in the song “Melerai Lara (Dissolve Pain)”, this song highlights transgender and LGBTQ community who often still get discrimination in Indonesia. The song “Tamasya (Sightseeing)” describes the people who love sightseeing, but sometimes either intentionally or unintentionally damage the surrounding environment. AATPSC also highlights mental health problem issue in the song “The Bell Jar.”

On this album AATPSC also collaborated with several other Indonesian musicians. For example in the song “The Bell Jar”, Gardika Gigih played the piano and made reverse sampling, and YK Brass Ensemble filled the brass section.

auretté and the polska seeking carnival - bloom

Auretté and The Polska Seeking Carnival were formed in 2012. The band play pop music through a variety of folk musical instruments. Consisting of a six people with different backgrounds and tastes in music, AATPSC pokes a few elements from various music such as pop, folk, swing, even electronic, steady rock and reggae, then concoct these various elements in a single piece of music. Most of the musical instruments played by AATPSC are electric acoustics and must be played in an ensemble, such as accordion, ukulele, banjo, guitar, bass, keyboard, synthesizer, trumpet and trombone, to percussion instruments such as drums, conga, glockenspiel and electronic looping. People with different musical backgrounds, various elements of music, and various folk musical instruments make the music played by AATPSC unique. Before releasing Bloom in 2018, they released their first Self Titled album in 2013. These album are released in various formats, namely cassette, CD, digital mp3 release, and vinyl or LPs.

After performing at various stages around archipelago and releasing the first album, AATPSC began to be known by the audience of music lovers in Indonesia. The Jakarta Post calls AATPSC as “… unassuming young men and women who carved their own niche by playing music that is not only unique but also a breakthrough in a scene …” BBC Indonesia stated “AATPSC was welcomed by indie music listeners homeland, thanks to their ability to bring utopian melodies. “South East Asia Indie (SEA Indie) reviews AATPSC “all the musical creativities have been crystallized into one precious gem; a whimsical melodic and rhythmic style of European music.” While the Southeast Asian indie music watch site The Wknd calls AATPSC music “sounds very français but very nusantara at the same time, surprisingly. ”

Bloom are available on any digital stores:


Auretté and The Polska Seeking Carnival:
Dhima Christian Datu: vocal, accordion, synthesizer, loop, banjolele, ukulele
Aurelia Marshal: keyboard, synthesizer, vocoder
Danny Rachman: bass, guitar
Ahmad Mursid: trumpet, guitar
Bayu Atmojo: trombone
Aris Setyawan: drum, percussion



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