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ShaQ:Muzik releases “Let Me Be the One” single

“Let Me Be the One,” the brand new single from critically acclaimed pop producer/singer/songwriter ShaQ:Muzik, redefines slow jams and challenges listeners to engage with its rip-roar tonality and refined orchestration like no other R&B track will this winter. Composed, arranged and produced by the British indie phenomenon, “Let Me Be the One” is the rare sort of ballad that is meant to be played at maximum volume as to fully appreciate its majestic grandeur. As it’s been with all of ShaQ:Muzik’s releases to date, it’s clear that not even the most minor of details was overlooked in the recording process upon even a cursory examination of this single’s content.

Balladry meets sheer sonic forcefulness in “Let Me Be the One,” and though the contrasting concepts would conceivably create a lot of havoc in the fluidity of a song designed to be as endearing as this one is, the contrary is true here. There’s so much to take in with this track that it’s almost overwhelming; while on the one side we’ve got ShaQ:Muzik coming undone lyrically, exposing himself through one delicately crafted admission after another, there’s this underlying, suffocating feeling creeping out of the instruments and washing everything in tense anticipation. Somehow everything seems to balance out by the time we reach the end of the song without ever disrupting the even-keeled vibe of the music.

There’s no denying that this single has a sly pop polish that shares a lot of cosmetic qualities with more mainstream, radio-friendly fodder, but “Let Me Be the One” doesn’t rely on a lot of boisterous frills within the music to attract us to its thought-provoking style. Honestly, I found myself really falling for this song from the moment I sampled it for the first time. The hook is playful yet reserved and somewhat enigmatic. ShaQ:Muzik drifts between straightforward R&B serenading and abstract ambient whispers, inducing chills with every word that cascades from his lips.


The lyrics flow so perfectly with the music that accompanies them that it’s easy to get hypnotized by the entrancing nature of “Let Me Be the One” and overlook the substance of its focused, highly emotional verses. ShaQ:Muzik has never come off as disingenuous in the past, but there’s something particularly special about his attitude in this song. It’s almost as if some sort of artistic wall has been broken down and he’s now comfortable putting forth the deepest and most tangibly real feelings that are building up inside his soul and producing his art form.

Electrified in stylish neon and seasoned with smart lyrics that reject artificiality and fakeness in favor of legitimate expression, “Let Me Be the One” sees ShaQ:Muzik elevating his game to a level that most artists spend countless years trying to reach. There’s nothing holding him back in this song; there’s no genre-confining rules to adhere to, no A&R department to please and no impossible pressures from his fans. ShaQ:Muzik has found his center, and he isn’t squandering the professional window that he has before him at the moment. The future looks bright for this artist, and memorable jams like this one will only solidify his status as an up-and-comer well deserving of your respect.

Mindy McCall



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