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Rhett Repko – A Broken Song

Singer/songwriter Rhett Repko has established a growing reputation in recent years as one of the most affecting and charismatic young talents today. Unlike many contemporaries who are well rounded in particular aspects at the expense of others, Repko is an extraordinarily complete artist whose presentation satisfies audiences on multiple levels. His latest single “A Broken Song” illustrates how important his presentations proves to be in getting his work over with listeners – the immaculate production values underlying this new song enhance the intimacy of your listening experience without ever coming off as unduly polished or stagy. It’s an authentic sounding performance in every respect and the loose-limbed confidence of the arrangement and recording helps imbue the song with melancholy humor and genuine pathos.


Much of this is attributable to his voice. Repko has an emotional edge in his voice, never too pronounced, and understands how to modulate his phrasing for dramatic effect. He amps up his intensity at crucial points, but never in such a way those decisions upset the song’s compositional balance. His voice pairs up well with the song’s instrumentation – he plays heavily towards the emotive side of his skills during many of the verses and brings the right amount of bite to the song’s rockier passages. It’s impossible, as well, to miss the wry bittersweet humor in some of his delivery – it sweetens the essentially downcast “message” behind Repko’s lyrics and makes the song all the more relatable.

He has a spartan band behind him for this song, but the uncluttered arrangement and the obvious chemistry between the players is an abiding quality of Repko’s recent songwriting. It must be satisfying for Repko’s existing fans to note how he has made tremendous strides on recent releases towards increasingly paring his art down to the essentials – there isn’t a single extraneous word or musical note audible during the entirety of “A Broken Song”. The mix of acoustic and electric guitar never leans too far in favor of either instrument; Repko seamlessly threads the song’s disparate elements into a single musical strand that sustains listener’s attention for the entirety of the song.


The lyrical content, as mentioned before, avoids any hint of self indulgence. It also sounds natural, if not inevitable, as if it erupted from Repko’s subconscious in its final form and required little, if any, revision. Discipline is a hallmark of any talented artist and Repko likely labored to get each word and turn of phrase turned for maximum impact but, like the best in his field, Repko’s final results sound practically effortless, as if the song had been floating in the ether waiting for Repko to give it voice and form.

The accompanying video conveys the same qualities. Repko has an easy going grace in front of the camera and the relatively moody compositional tone of the visuals never weighs heavily on listeners thanks to Repko’s calming presence on the video. His likability shines through. The video for “A Broken Song”, like the track itself, is thoroughly polished in every respect and complements the composition very well. The new single is a fine achievement for Repko, another feather in his cap, and will please longtime fans while winning over new converts.


Mindy McCall



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  1. Thank you so much for an amazing review Mindy!! You really read my mind on this track and I’m so glad you love it as much as I do.

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