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Freunde release new Music


Emerging from distant obscurity with a dominating sound, Swiss country collective offer Nashville, and those who would claim it as their own, a brand new strain of pastoral wonderment in the upcoming single “My Heart is a House” and it’s B-side “Probably Maybe.” Glowing strings chime and sparkle, filling up the soul with an effervescence that is divine yet humble and accessible as we wade through the thick melodic ribbonry that the music dispenses so candidly. It’s so easy to get lost in the trance of the harmonies emanating from the vocals and bouncing off of the instrumentation in the background that a lot of the time Freunde’s music feels more like a dreamscape than it does a contemporary soundtrack to life in the rural country.

“My Heart is a House” has a distinctly agile mood that makes it much edgier than what a lot of Freunde’s American competitors would consider to be single-worthy. The vocal is larger than life, but it doesn’t come off as overbearing in the master mix thanks to the well-balanced arrangement of the instruments. It’s framed much like a slow dance, but at the same time there’s an underlying sense of urgency that isn’t directly implied in the tempo but rather through the words themselves. Lyrically we’re told that our love is out there if we’re ready to get up and take it for ourselves, which is perhaps what lends to the tension between the pace of the music and the actual substance of the narrative.

“Probably Maybe” is a startlingly strong B-side that I personally think could stand on its own just fine without having to be attached to “My Heart is a House.” Freunde are one of those rare outfits these days that go out of their way to make sure that their releases are free of the kind of stagnation and filler that has led to so much unbelievably justified discontent with popular music, and they live up to that credo well in the release of both these songs. Where “My Heart is a House” is meant to show off their softer side, “Probably Maybe” proves that Freunde can get wet and wild with a riff without losing their tender melodic facets that make them as sexy a choice as they are in today’s musical climate.


There’s nothing to indicate that Freunde have anything but success coming their way moving forward, and if these songs are but a taste of what we can anticipate to come out of the band’s future dabbling in the studio, their ascent through the American country hierarchy is basically inevitable. They’ve got the heart, the passion and the commitment to this music to really make an impact fresh out of the gate, and with an inviting sound like this one to call their own, I think that they more than deserve a shot at reigning supreme. In what is possibly the ultimate sign of our diversified culture and times, America’s next premier country band isn’t American at all, but rather another new arrival who’s here to show us a thing or two about making our music great again.

Mindy McCall

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