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“Let Go” by Deborah Henriksson

The hum of a divine vocal melody meets gentle rustic strings as we enter the glorious opening bars of “Let Go,” the highly anticipated new single from Sweden’s own Deborah Henriksson. Slowly the guitar comes to life before our very ears, catching the light of the sun and shimmering through the speakers with a glow that is undeniable. The strings playfully dart back and forth against an atmospheric backdrop of harmonies coming together to make a singular tour de force, but there’s nothing threatening about this sound. Quite the contrary; as Henriksson begins to sing her song, her voice becomes almost indiscernible from the majestic melody transpiring beneath her command of the mic. As plaintive as the rolling hills of a deserted countryside, the grooves stoically create a path for us to wander down and observe this colorful musicality as it ebbs and flows all around us. A whisper of hesitance makes its way to the surface and is quickly crushed by Henriksson’s undying confidence when we reach the chorus. Even when a minor key hook tries to penetrate her wave of surreal peace, this Swedish serenade cannot be disrupted by anything that comes its way.


Cosmetically, “Let Go” doesn’t try and dress up its simple structure to win us over, but then again, it doesn’t really have to. When you’ve got a song that is as agile and free-spirited as this one is, there’s no need to pile on a lot of extra fluff to make the tonality “pop” or the muscle in the mix feel authentic and unclouded by the wants and needs of an A&R department. Nothing about Henriksson’s body of work has ever suggested, to me at least, that her focus is on anything but the music and making it as tangible, full of vitality and relatability as it can possibly be. “Let Go” in and of itself is an anthem of self-awareness, security and finding happiness in the most abstract of places (and often the last ones that we tend to search), and it doesn’t make its big statement through a lot of witty prose alone. The music is earnest and friendly, the mood of the song somewhat swaggering, but the delivery so restrained and conservative. Beneath everything this is more than a song of strength – it’s a lesson in contrition taught through the linguistics of musical expression.


As we near the conclusion of “Let Go,” the strings, vocals, rumbling percussion and featherweight bass take on the shape of a cyclone more than capable of destroying everything in sight. To my surprise, this isn’t how Henriksson finishes us off; instead, this chaotic closing salvo ends as softly as the song started, as if to bring us full circle and highlight the robust quality of the composition without tripping into self-serving territory. From top to bottom and start to finish, I thoroughly enjoyed “Let Go” and the frisky, unrushed pursuit of old fashioned melodies that it brings to the table. In a career that has been full of highlights, Deborah Henriksson appears to have a lot left to share with us, and this is a fine way for her to begin another year of musical might.

Mindy McCall

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