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New Zealand Rap Collective The Ice Cream Kids

New Zealand, a country that to many is still a land of mystery and is remembered as a magical place, full of natures wonder, but it has a wealthy history of culture and in a bastian of musical creativity. So it is no strange event that a collective of artists wanting to create a new and innovative Rap / Hip Hop scene would blossom there


Connecting as a group of youths from Shirley Boys High School together, none of them they had a shared interest in creating music. Then in early 2017 after when Levi, one of the founding members dropped out of university and was inspired by Brockhampton, he decided to create a creative collective with all my childhood friends.

Levi been studying music since he could remember, but recently started making beats and sought people to work with and rap on them. “I hit up Friel Lane and Vak City who were in my year at school and released their own project that same year” said Levi, now, says Levi ”We have 10 members in our group”.

In 2018 The Ice Cream Kids released their first album together and did a few shows but work and other commitments held us back from releasing another album as ICK. We made a music video with the help of the Ara film school guys and released Friel Lanes debut solo album On Some Rocket Shit produced by me and featuring members of ICK.

IndiePuse Music presents to you a group of artists that are paving a path to infamy, with hooks galore and images that reflect a dark view, taking cue from actual life in the global scene, noting some of what the world is experiencing, The Ice Cream Kids is not some would be boy band, but a hard edge, take no prisoners set of stompers that are not afraid to be real.





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