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Ronnue drops new Single


Whether you’re checking out “Something About U (The Retro-Funk Mix II)” or its first-version counterpart, the new single by acclaimed Seattle funk master Ronnue tends to have the same hypnotic effect. The energy is sexual in the most carnal and uncaged sense of the word. The bass grinds up against the percussion with a lack of inhibition, the vocals are more than content to wedge themselves between the tightest of spaces in the mix, and a seductive reverb saturates everything that radiates from our speakers in a foggy echo that seems to trip off into the distance for an eternity. Musically, “Something About U” is one of the most evocative R&B songs I’ve reviewed in the last year or longer. There’s an unspoken heat that seems to come solely from the melody, which gradually picks up steam as we work our way through the song and come to appreciate its unrefined, raw edges. The lyrical narrative is a simple one, but the real treasure here is within the musicality itself. Ronnue has come up with some nice grooves in the past, but these are his undisputed finest.

The swagger of “Something About U (The Retro-Funk Mix)” in its original version is utterly infectious; even if you start this track off in a somewhat somber mood, by the time you reach the end of its pummeling bassline’s assault, you’re going to be singing a different tune. There’s no “being down” allowed when you’re listening to a song of this persuasion; only getting down to the monstrous sway of a single that, were it to take on some sort of physical shape in the real world, would tower over its peers by a mile. Despite the fact that both Mix I and II are super heavy for the style of music that they support, they’re really great dance songs that capitalize on the strength of their singer’s keen knack for building harmonies on top of simple a rhythm. Say what you will about Seattle and the political mentality that its legendary punk rock scene became known for over thirty-five years ago, but Ronnue is tapping into something just as weighty and important as his rock n’ roll counterparts did around the time Nirvana broke the mainstream in 1991.

To put it in the simplest way that I can think of, Ronnue’s new pair of tracks are authentic funk for a modern generation that, to be frank, is in desperate need of it. In an era that has seen artists slowly start to favor more technologically-dependent styles of play, that share little – if any – connection to their organic forerunners who laid the foundation for the music being made today, it’s nice to see a musician taking the integrity of his craft seriously enough to actually put the work into making a song everything that it can be. His labor was well worth it, as you can bet anything you’ve got that I’ll be blasting this jam through the rest of 2019 (and I highly doubt that I’ll be alone).


Loren Sperry

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