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Wlady & T.N.Y.’s (feat lossa) brand-new collaboration “Beatrice”

Singer Iossa delivers incredible lyrics that reflect otherwise untranslatable emotions in Wlady & T.N.Y.’s brand-new collaboration “Beatrice,” which features the Italian vocalist leading the charge through an exuberant EDM powerhouse. In “Beatrice,” the music isn’t the only entity responsible for conjuring up an engrossing mood; instead, Iossa directs a litany of colorful tones and chiming melodies in a gorgeously orchestrated symphony of electronica. This song is far more accessible to mainstream listeners than most underground EDM tracks thanks to its pop-centric varnish, which helps to trap an asphyxiating ambience in three minutes of beats sure to shake your soul.


The bass doesn’t drown out the vocals in this song, which is really something when you measure its volume in the master mix next to that of the percussion, which is on somewhat of a backburner when we isolate the instrumentation away from the singing. There’s no need to argue whether or not Iossa is the most commanding presence here, because as anyone who has heard his voice before knows, there’s little (if anything) on this planet capable of stealing our attention away from his smooth vocal style. Wlady & T.N.Y. do their part to cushion his lyrics with an equally sophisticated arrangement, and I think that they couldn’t have done a much better job.


One of the reasons why I like “Beatrice” so much more than the other EDM singles that I’ve reviewed in the last few months is because that while its melodic release is truly epic, it flirts with a gritty tension that is so much more exciting than what comes from simply building a song on the foundation of a chorus or instrumental breakdown alone. All of the thrills are induced from the stylistic contradictions in this track, which would appear to some as abstract but ultimately counter the efficiency of the arrangement perfectly.

Wlady & T.N.Y. are generous with the harmonies in this song, to a degree where I think that they redefine the already liberal identity of this style of electronica. I can see “Beatrice” being the exact type of template that a DJ could manipulate into a twenty or thirty minute jam that could keep a dancefloor burning with erotic energy no matter how many people were in the club. These are great compositional bones, and there’s not a doubt in my mind that Wlady & T.N.Y. conceived this number with a fluid concept influencing every creative decision they made.



Whether you’re looking for the right track to spin at a party or are merely in search of an upbeat melody to spice up a boring day with its vivaciousness and vitality, “Beatrice” really hits the spot. If you’re keen on electronic music, particularly on the European side of the Atlantic, then you’re probably already aware of how credible the monikers of Iossa, Wlady & T.N.Y. are in EDM circles. The way I see it, this sort of collaboration elevates their collective reputations to newfound international heights that could very well see them breaking into the American mainstream. With a sound as cutting as this, it’s hard to imagine any other fate for these masters of sonic wizardry.


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