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Hazey Eyes feat. Moli “Hungover You”


Hazey Eyes delivers unto us his smoothest single yet in “Hungover You,” an incredible track that sees the electronic pop sensation uniting with vocalist Moli for a stunning collaborative effort. “Hungover You” draws its lustrous allure from a collection of massive melodies that Hazey Eyes strings together in a brilliantly slick symphony of synthesizers structured in a streamlined, minimalistic design. Moli’s voice is always at the center of our attentions, dispensing elegant lyrics that are sharp and executed with a surprisingly brute force amidst an otherwise light and airy mix. As evocative as it is groove-laden and danceable, “Hungover You” is a stylish addition to the discographies of both Hazey Eyes’ and Moli’s, elevating both of their monikers to the spotlight of the primetime like never before.


Moli’s strong vocal complements the elasticity of these beats amazingly, so much so that there’s a couple of moments in this track where it’s hard to tell whether she’s generating all of the rhythm or if she’s in fact sharing percussive duties with the drums. This is easily her most potent contribution to a single to date; inside of three minutes of exquisite play, she captivates us with her brooding command of the lyrics and challenges us to stay transfixed on her airy swing even as pure chaos erupts all around her. The music of “Hungover You” is pulsating and driven by a litany of synthesized textures that ebb and flow with the bassline, but none of the instrumental might even comes close to eclipsing the dynamic presence of Moli, who proves her versatility once and for all in this song.

The rhythm of this track is infectious from the get-go, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it’s overstated, as tends to be the case with most electronic pop stylized for the club in the same sense that “Hungover You” is. True, this song has all of the makings of a really sensational dancefloor anthem, but it’s difficult for me to relegate it to the same umbrella category that we would place the bulk of EDM releases that put a lot of stock in lyrical content. This is too agile and too conventionally constructed to be considered a flat-out club song, and that speaks to the expansive skillset of Hazey Eyes, who consistently demonstrates a much more aesthetically-experimental style of attack than most of his peers are capable of utilizing.


Pop and EDM fans alike will fall in love with this charming ballad, which brings together two supreme forces in independent music today to forge a truly unforgettable listening experience. I must admit, I had a lot of high expectations coming into this review, and Hazey Eyes absolutely exceeded every one of them. His brand of pop is as reflective as it is forward-thinking and progressive in nature, and with the addition of Moli on vocals, he churns out one of the most intriguing releases of the young New Year here. If you haven’t already checked this single out, I would highly recommend doing so as soon as possible – if you like a solid beat as much as I do, you won’t regret it.

Mindy McCall



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