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Americana artist MoeDell release single “PORCH”


In Review:  The new single “Porch” by MoeDeLL is a very touching and calming piece, smooth both musically and lyrically, a man taking notice of all the craziness around him, yet not letting it affect him and he takes time to appreciate the simpler and much finer things in life.  “Porch” is just that, taking yourself out of the equation of the mad and simply living life for living’s sake, a “now never you no mind” moment that is a joy to listen to and be a part of.


Back when he first started making music for a living, MoeDeLL received a sage piece of advice: “Play the same in front of five people as you do in front of 5,000.” Over the years, the multi-talented rocker turned country/Americana powerhouse has performed for crowds of every size, opening for the likes of Antigone Rising, Better Than Ezra, Cheap Trick, Bret Michaels and members of Blind Melon. Engaging a breakneck schedule of 250-270 shows a year, he holds court everywhere from local farmer’s markets to bars throughout his current digs in Minnesota – and on the road between there and his birthplace of coastal Virginia. When he’s not jamming on originals, he’s blowing everyone away with his spins on Johnny Cash and Tom Petty.

With his infectious, laid back, vocal harmony laden new single “Porch,” MoeDeLL tells us how he gets away from all the craziness, at least in his mind – hanging around with his lady “on Sunday morning/To talk about everything everybody’s doing. . .hanging around, just watching the world go by.” The track is the first release from his upcoming recording There It Is, the prolific singer/songwriter’s fourth project since shifting gears from his early days as a successful rocker and funk/rocker in bands like Monkey in a Mansuit and on various solo projects.

He calls There It Is an opportunity to “release some quirky songwriter tunes” as follow up to his 2018 EP called 5 and his earlier full length collections Local (2016) and Logan Drive (2017). With a nod to the Avett Brothers and early Johnny Cash, Local has been described as a trip down memory lane with its acoustic guitar and steady train beats (a vibe MoeDeLL reprises on another upcoming track, the wistful “Hoppin’ Trains”). Logan Drive was essentially a sequel to that project.


MoeDeLL grew up immersed in the sounds of Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard – but wanted to explore his rebellious rocker side. Years later, when he got sober, he was living in Minnesota and had a hankering for the comforts of home – including that traditional country music. Someone gave him a Waylon CD and he couldn’t stop listening. He knew it was time to shift gears. The majority of the Local album was about finding and losing love, growing up and his family. “Family means the world to me and I had a lot of characters to draw from for stories, as I’m sure most folks do,” he says. “I still use my family for inspiration on a lot of the newer songs, but I’ve tried lyrically to go in a direction that everyone gets. I try to make it a bit more general. Not everyone has an Uncle Freddy Culpepper but most people have an uncle of some sort.” He pays homage to the music his grandfather introduced him to on another upcoming track, the poignant yet spirited “Radio.”

“When people get off work and head to the local watering hole for a beer, they don’t want to decipher words and meanings,” MoeDeLL adds. “They just want to relax and listen to a good catchy tune. So even if my lyrics have some deep underlying meaning, I try to present them in a very simple way. I’ve been writing for quite some time, but when I switched genres in 2014, I feel like my songwriting became more of who I really am, particularly when it came to lyrics.  I feel at home writing about day to day life and the simple things. ‘Porch’ for example is just a take on being with someone you love and experiencing life together.”


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