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Laban releases new LP/Single

Labán’s second single from Todos Somos Dueños de Aquí, “Quién da Más,” is a sonic interpretation of love and lust, realized in the sort of brooding harmonies that the Mexican powerhouse has proven himself solely capable of. A sexy relationship between his vocal and the shimmering strings that accompany it is forged inside of grooves that ebb and flow like the rising tide on the Pacific Ocean. We’re given no choice but to fall into the palm of Labán’s hands and allow him to take us on a journey into his soul, embracing all of the warmth and grandeur that he can offer us through his emotionally-charged singing. There’s nothing between audience and artist in this song; we’re alone on an island with the music, connecting with its regal rhythm and becoming inspired by its earnest simplicity. At times, an elegiac tone finds its way into focus, but it’s often quashed so quickly by Labán’s undying melodicism that we’re unaffected by its minor key melancholy. Whether Latin pop is your style or not, “Quién da Más” is a track that speaks to the romantic in all of us and wears its reverent identity with pride.

The emotion in Labán’s voice is more powerful than anything that transpires in the instrumental portion of “Quién da Más,” which on its own is striking and reaches out to us with a fierce physicality. A muscular bassline adds a dash of adrenaline to an otherwise pendulous rhythm, but we’re never put in a position where we feel rushed by the contrast between the two. Compositionally this track vaults between decidedly R&B territory and a much more exotic strain of pop whose origins lie south of the border, and the fusion of the two makes for quite the fascinating tone in the music.


Labán is an artist who values his tonality above all else when it comes to making a song, or an album for that matter, and in this second single he goes out of his way to magnify even the smallest of details within his musical profile. As a result, we get an honest, unfiltered performance that has more in common with a live show than it does most studio-recorded material.

“Quién da Más” has all the makings of being a breakthrough smash hit for Labán, and if afforded the opportunity to reach not only its target audience but the R&B-loving masses in the United States, I’m confident that this singer will receive the respect and success that he undoubtedly deserves. He doesn’t use the arrangement of the instruments as a smokescreen in this song, nor does he try and dazzle us with a recycled lyric or overly-familiar hook. Labán is doing what he does better than anyone in Mexico or abroad can – he’s being himself, and rendering some deeply affectionate and evocative results in the process. “Quién da Más” will definitely fuel the already blazing buzz surrounding Todos Somos Dueños de Aquí, and at this point I think it’s safe to say that Labán’s future looks very bright.

Mindy McCall

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