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Crosley Radio Debuts Mini Turntable – a Micro Miracle

Crosley Radio, a leading audio brand since launching its first radio in the 1920s, debuted their CR6037A Record Store Day Mini Turntable (RSD3) last month at CES in Vegas, since then, a buzz has been growing and there has been quite a large interest in it being available to consumer market for both its novelty and its quality production

The Record Store Day CR6037A Mini Turntable, named the RSD3, created exclusively for Record Store Day, plays special 3” records features pitch control, a moving magnet cartridge and a built-in stereo speaker. The limited-edition record player will be available only at participating independent record stores on Saturday, April 13, 2019 is the 5th year Crosley has presented the official turntable of Record Store Day

“Record Store Day is thrilled to launch a new music product in partnership with Crosley and Japan’s Toyokasei vinyl manufacturing plant. We hope to do for music what Pokemon did for gaming,” said Record Store Day co-founder, Michael Kurtz. “Just as we created Record Store Day as a way to celebrate and spread the word about the unique culture surrounding independently owned record stores, we’ve created 3” records that come with art and music and Crosley has created the wonderful RSD 3 turntable to play them on. Both are highly collectable items that are fun to play and celebrate the art and joy of music.”


Crosley has been in the front lines of the Vinyl Revolution, Crosley Radio has its roots deeply seeded in history and its eyes turned toward the future. From its revolutionary line of turntables built to bring the love of analog music to a new generation, to its new series of high fidelity units with the discerning listener in mind, Crosley Radio seeks to bring new life to a classic medium. In turntables, jukeboxes, radios, and all things vintage-inspired audio, count on Crosley to take you there.

There has been some speculation as to whether the market and industry will support such a device, being that it is “small”, and does not support the traditional 7” or 33 1/3 size records, it is questioned that it would have any longevity, and as such any retention except for the Record Addicts and Tech Collectors, however, in a survey conducted by IndiePulse Music, we found that many artists are interested in providing music to be played on this device, and would like to see it as a way of making a mark on the Music Scene.

With today’s musicians looking for a promotional edge and always looking for the new now, the RSD# lends itself to the advancement of novelty singles and collectable variants. We would speculate that if artists such as DEVO had ben able to provide a special single, it would skyrocket this item into mass acceptance, one can only hope.

Lets look at the specs of this mini marvel in a bit more detail..

The RSD3 plays a 3 Inch Record, images show a “45rpm” style and one that resembles a 331/3, in appearance it looks similar to a traditional modern style turntable. It has a Built-in Speaker but supports an AUX out to connect to headphones or amplified / powered speakers. It is both USB or Battery Powered with a full size and well made Moving Magnet Cartridge. One really nice addition is the RSD3 has Pitch Control and it all sits under a Clear Dust Cover, lending to the visual charm. Not to be confused with a child’s toy, this unit is a functioning turntable… just tiny, but packs a nice sound and the AUX Out can upscale to any powered unit that supports a the standard AUX cable. The Record Store Day CR6037A Mini Turntable will be retailing for $70.00 at most locations, but price may change as the buzz grows.


Just some history on this concept.

Though this is the first 3-inch player that Crosley has ever made, the format is not a new one, though it’s very obscure. Originating in Japan, these tiny turntables are known as 8-ban record players and have been used to play things like TV theme songs. Fans of the White Stripes will probably recognize the device as a “triple inchophone,” which Jack White sold for a time — he even had special 3-inch pressings of White Stripes tracks made.

The 3-inch format was perfect for the band’s material, which tends toward the short end of playtimes. An 8-ban disc can hold a maximum of four minutes of music — Seven Nation Army, as an example, is only 3:52.

In addition to the existing catalog of 3-inch vinyl that you’ll find online, Crosley Radio has said in other published comments that Jack White’s record label Third Man, and Epitaph will be pressing tracks on this format, with more to come after the launch. Crosley has partnered with Japan’s Toyokasei vinyl manufacturing plant, to make sure there’s a steady stream of new songs.


The Record Store Day CR6037A Mini Turntable, named the RSD3 is presently not listed on the company website, but if you Google search it, there is a lot of news out there on this petit powerhouse.

Interested in learning more about Crosley Products?

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More about the upcoming Record Store Day an Participating locations available here –



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