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Kamryn Marie – “Baby Girl” EP


Pop singer Kamryn Marie stuns in her new single “Baby Girl,” a moving, intimate ballad about growing up and an unconditional love that never goes away, no matter how old we get or where we end up in life. “Baby Girl” sees Marie dishing out some of her most personal poetry yet, weaving her brooding lyrical content into a beautiful melodic patchwork that exploits her artistry for everything that it has to offer us. 2019 promises to be a very exciting year for pop music, and among upcoming releases, this single stands out as a full-fledged, legitimate treasure.

The vocal track is the star of “Baby Girl,” but Marie’s singing isn’t so intense in the mix that it overpowers the accompanying instrumentation. A tender piano wraps itself around her words, bonding to their radiance and creating a harmony that is simply divine. The weight of her words isn’t lost in the hypnotic physicality of the music, and though the lumbering rhythm adds a contrast to the arrangement of the song, it doesn’t drag on the pace of the track at all. “Baby Girl” is an excellent example of the diversity within Kamryn Marie’s sonic profile, as it manages to tie all of the rich tones in her sound together in a nice, neat package.

As potent as Marie’s voice is, the lyrics here are sharp and erudite from the moment that they’re introduced to us, and we never get the impression that they’re coming from anywhere but within. While a lot of pop music suffers from a poetic inauthenticity, as artists in this genre frequently try to create content that is relatable to a broad range of people above anything else, that isn’t the case with this single. “Baby Girl” is a tangible, accessible ballad, but it never feels forced or disingenuous in its narrative.

Kamryn Marie has one of the most versatile skillsets that I’ve witnessed in action so far in 2019, and I think that based on what we hear in this song, she’s absolutely got the potential to expand her depth and tackle other styles of music in the future. After checking out “Baby Girl” for the first time, I was inclined to examine her previous releases (as I’m sure you will be, too), and found that her creative growth has only gotten more significant as time has gone by. She’s continuing to develop this sound, and this has got to be her most robustly produced and well-rounded work to date.

Pop fans who have been looking for that hot new artist to lead them into the New Year needn’t look any further than Kamryn Marie, whose new single “Baby Girl” represents a brilliant addition to her discography and a smashing contribution to the soundtrack of 2019. Marie’s brand of pop is a familiar one, but she doesn’t present us with it using a predictably rigid delivery. Her artistic sophistication speaks for itself in this song, and I think that it’s safe to say that we haven’t heard the last from this intelligent, focused performer.


Thomas Patton III, posted by Mindy McCall



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