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2.O.F. and “Darling Anna”

Producer/writer and multi-instrumentalist Tim Milliken is the mastermind of 2.O.F. and “Darling Anna” is the new single from the album Time Machine. And 2.O.F. are made up of various dancers and artists for what appears to be low-key but happens to also be of monstrous proportions when it comes to their overall delivery versus any aesthetic inclinations. The results speak volumes to the irony of expectations and keeps the right fundamentals of pop music grounded for the better and this cut is a single with a universal aim without using any neon signs to lure it into your playlist.

This band is rooted in letting the trappings go and seeing what happens to a jam with the expertise of Milliken at the helm, and it’s written all over the Time Machine record, with “Darling Anna” being as good an example as any to draw attention to the album, which also comes with a promo video of the usual take or leave nature. By that I mean the music comes first, so I always advise to listen before watching. In this case, they equally match up, but it doesn’t change the order of preference for most. But hearing first always helps because you don’t hear with your eyes, as one famous artist described.


2.O.F. have also attracted a respectful fan base including famous musicians, so they’re musicians musicians, but also seemingly as serious as they are playful. It’s a mixture of pop, rock and soul that blends its own brand of modern dance style music. That is not to say it’s not as radio-friendly as it is for dance clubs and parties, because this song seems to have it all and Tim Milliken is to credit and thank, but he’s not alone. The credit goes to all at the end of the day, but more of that can be found by seeking out the album as well as the single.

Milliken writes for the love and joy of the music only, but his efforts in all departments prove to be the icing on his own cake, along with the musicians and dancers he shares it with. 2.O’F. wind up a fantastic outfit when you stack it all up, and the single only goes to show there doesn’t have to be a commercial aim as-long as its accessible and no quality is spared. That’s what level of artistry you get with this track because that is the top-notch standard in which it is written, arranged and produced.

Once you’ve heard it, you’ll agree about the vocals, and once you see the video you’ll be impressed with the sharpness and swagger to go with it, and you’ll get the full-circle treatment of this great single. It even kicks off with him writing a love letter to “Darling Anna” and the rest just flows like a dream as the song takes you to many places and practically defies categorization. And last but not least, you cannot lose either way you slice this totally brilliant track, and 2.O.F. ft. Tim Milliken.

Mindy McCall

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