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IndiePulse Reviews – “Blues Tools” by Kathryn Grimm

Album Review by Joseph Timmons: IndiePulse Music Magazine

February 19th 2019 will see the release of what will be one of the greatest “Independent” Blues Album releases of the year, musician / singer / songwriter Kathryn Grimm’s new album “BLUES TOOLS” is a twelve-song blend of stunningly performed tracks in the artists genre.

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Kathryn Grimm, an experienced artist with a history of achievements has been an advocate of living passionately and sharing an open minded appreciation for human honesty, in this new album “Blues Tools”, Kathryn explores life and interprets it in a manner that is compelling and comprehensive, taking into a “Musical Mindfulness” the aspects of living in today’s world and enduring both pain and pleasure, yet, she also takes, at times, a “tongue in cheek” approach when dealing with our societal demons. In an abstract way, many of the songs can be seen as fables, the time-honored tradition of storytelling, weaving myth into truth to make a message seek the center and drive into the listener’s mind something worth remembering forever.


As an artist dedicated to musical perfection, Kathryn’s chronic introspection has resulted in several autobiographical ditties on the CD.  “God Is Testing Me” was written minutes after she discovered her van had been stolen in broad daylight with her gear inside.  “Talking to The Wind” has an infectious Latin Blues groove and is an ode to “being with someone incapable of listening”.  “C’mon Home” is a song about the regrets of mistreating someone, “a stinging reminder of a former immature me”.

There are several lighthearted songs as well that show Kathryn’s humorous side.  With “You Make Me So Happy I Can’t Sing the Blues “, Kathryn says “I was pondering the dilemma of a Blues artist too content to continue writing Blues songs”.   The seductive track “Lovegun” has a smoldering sax solo and is filled with euphemisms (“It was so grand what you planned, the way you shot me with your Lovegun”).  The title track “Blues Tools” is a feel-good empowerment song with the fun side of Kathryn’s personality coming out in many adlibs.

On a mature note, and not to be without humor in her creativity, “Hot Date with Buzz” is a hysterical tale about a woman’s too-close friendship with her vibrator complete with a stripper-like groove and a stunning slide guitar solo from the late virtuoso Jeff Buckley.

Grimm’s voice is in top form and she shows her versatility singing Blues, Jazz with Quincy Jones’ hit “Miss Celie’s Blues” from The Color Purple, Gospel on the traditional classic “Trouble of this World” and Rock – the vocal on the ballad “Empty Space” is chilling.   Kathryn also does not disappoint in the guitar department.  Several songs showcase some blazing solo guitar playing.


I personally feel the most powerful track on the new album “Blues Tools” is the first song of the album. Just over a year ago where Kathryn was gigging as a bassist for another artist.  In the spare room of a kind couple’s home who put her up, she penned “The Best of Me,” her self-proclaimed anthem for domestic violence.  “I’d been wracking my brain for some time trying to find a way to write a song with a subliminal message for victims of abuse.  Using simple language my hope was for them to see themselves and be inspired to find help.  I truly believe that’s what I’ve accomplished with this song.  What I didn’t realize at the time is that I was writing about my own situation.” 

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