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Artist Spotlight: Austin Meade

Independent Music artist Austin Meade is a child of the Millennium, yet his guitar style is descendant from the 70’s classic rock age with notes that writhe like exposed nerves.

Austin Meade will be releasing his new album “Waves” on March 1st, a ride through the time honored sounds of rock mixed with Americana and little roots. The album was produced by Elijah Ford, son of Marc Ford of The Black Crowes, who also played bass and sang backing harmonies.

The brutal honesty that is the foundation of Meade and Ford’s relationship became the compass towards the album’s true north. “Waves” is pure nostalgia from an era of music when songs allowed more space to breathe and float comfortably in a vortex of sound.

Album artwork

Inspired by the Rock ‘n’ Roll Greats and Red Dirt Legends, Austin Meade tastefully blends bluesy guitars and deliberate vocals to deliver a familiar, yet fresh, sound in a 4-piece package. A 2015 Agricultural Business graduate of Texas A&M University, and former drummer, Meade’s appeal reaches not only to the co-eds of the next generation, but simultaneously waxes nostalgic for those longing for the ambient guitars of the 70s. Meade’s current EP “Heartbreak Coming,” features the singles “Born With A Broken Heart” and “Courage To Talk.”

So it is no surprise that even the hint of the music to come on the forthcoming release “Waves” has created a whirlwind buzz.

IndiePulse Music was given the opportunity to hear and do the exclusive “First Listen” of the new album and it is spectacular. Austin Meade is an amazing guitarist and vocalist, his songs are instant Folk inspired Rock and Roll hits, each and every one is phenomenal.


Right from the first track “7 Letters” the rock thumps out from the speakers, bass heavy and strong with blazing guitar riffs and lyrics that pump the blood. “Pay Phone” is the rebellious tone a kin to the work of Neil Young in the days of Crazy Horse, yet Austin Meade has made this is own, and he takes it to the limit, spinning a tale that pours it rich and thick.

Austin gives the listener a chance to breath with the tracks “Savannah”, “Growing Pains” and “Lift Me Up” but one , as I would describe it, slow dance is the track is “Coming Down”, which has a romantic air to it, but it is a romance of time, time gone by, a past that is alive only in the memory, possibly a longing or a song of regret, but it leaves you satisfied, with a simple sadness that drives the soul to be a better person.

Noteworthy tracks are “Mountain Past”, “Brooklyn” and “Colorblind” and the song “Bad Habits”, which is, to me, the story of a person looking at their life, no matter how humble and thinking “is this it or This is it” either wondering if this is the best it will ever get, or is this the best life ever, it is up to them to decide, and what value you place on your life is the value that others will respect. Strong words and words spoken in honest truth to one’s self.

The last and final track, the title track “Waves” that wraps it all up nice and neat, but down and dirty as well. In this song, , Austin Meade comes at you fast and hard with gut wrenching tone, but not in a blaze of vicious guitar blaze firefight, but in the words of a thinking man, making you listen and think, with musical composition and pure creativity. In what is a statement, or maybe a plea, to the universe, of a man that has known love and loss and looks forward, taking life’s beatings, bandaging is wounds and moving forward, in search of his reward.

The music of Austin Meade is the culmination of his inspirations and his talents measure for measure, with the punch of guitar rock tempered with a southern style, yet it is wholly meant for this modern world we live in as well, there is pure emotion in every chord.


IndiePulse Music interviewed Austin about his music and the album “Waves” and found his comments just as inspiring as the album itself.

IPM: Austin, when listening to the album “Waves”, I get the impression that this is an album that is very introspective, of a life examined.. did you pattern the songs on or about things that have happened in your life or gave you pause to think deeply about what your life was or is becoming?

Most of my tunes start from personal experiences, but every now and then I lean into my imagination. The title track, “Waves,” was written immediately after hitting a few speed bumps in life (getting robbed, parting ways with friends, and month to month struggles for rent/bills). It’s usually better for me to write songs in tough situations, rather than immediately respond to the opposing party. Songs from this record like “Waves,” “Bad Habits,” “Colorblind,” and “Lift Me Up” all started as a reaction from negative experiences. Then songs like “Pay Phone” and “Coming Down” started from me staying up way too late and watching the line between imagination and reality start to blur.

IPM: I felt the album had strong influences of artists that may have inspired your work, the album being completely original, but some tracks had a feeling like they were an homage or tribute to those whose work excited you, is this a fair analogy?

I’ve always got new favorites! If we had to narrow down a few influences for this particular album, I would say that Ryan Adams and Tom Petty were in high rotation for me at the time of creating “Waves.”

IPM: Austin, if you could sum up the album for a fan, or for someone hearing your work for the first time, how would you describe this album to them, what would they gather from your work, which I have to say is very emotionally driving and, to me, inspirational.

Thanks for the kind words. I like to leave the canvas open for the listener’s interpretation. I’m into loud guitars and lyrics that actually mean something. I would encourage folks to listen to it in the track order, because quite a few of the song pairings play directly off each other. I hope the sounds on this record remind people of the 70’s, and I hope they listen to it turned up to 11.

Austin Meade’s new album “Waves” due out March 1st is a getter’, and one fact that gives me joy is it is coming out on vinyl, which makes it all the more exciting, this record will sit in the collection of music lovers next to and in between the archives of the musical greats that inspired a generation, as Austin’s work will inspire generations to come.

More info Online, Find and Follow Austin Meade via his web site and on social media.

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