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Penelope Robin drops Singe/Video


Though many have attempted as much, you just can’t teach the kind of magic that Penelope Robin conjures up for listeners in her brand new single “Some Girls,” which was recently released to universal acclaim alongside a music video starring Robin herself. While most 11 year olds are preoccupied with school, play and trying to grow up amidst the ever-changing landscape of our world, this aspiring songwriter has started a full-fledged music career, and to say that it’s been picking up its fair share of momentum lately would be an understatement. “Some Girls” sees Robin further exploring the sonic parameters of her style, and hammering out personable lyrics that stand up well next to anything currently dominating American pop charts. She’s doing amazing things in and out of the studio, and this single is perhaps the most well-rounded material that she’s shared with us yet.

Let’s start with the video for “Some Girls.” The music is amplified over any natural ambiance that we see in several scenes where Robin is basking in the glow of an overcast city filled with whimsical spectacles to be studied. Through these surreal shots, we’re given expressive visuals that match up well with the melody of the piano that drives the song, and though the music is very imagistic on its own, it gets a secondary definition through this video that simply wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Director Patricia Nieto was very smart to keep the premise here somewhat black and white, being that “Some Girls” as a single really speaks for itself quite well.


I don’t think it’s farfetched to say that this song sits on the cerebral side of the pop spectrum, but I think it’s important to note a distinction between this and the more postmodern-influenced stuff that we’ve heard from some of Robin’s older contemporaries. Compositionally, this is a really cut and dry rhythm that’s colorized by the searing vocal track, and beyond the bubbly piano that marches in even time with the verses, there’s no need to apply any external polish or bombastic beats. Penelope Robin isn’t old enough to be admitted to some of the biggest music festivals in the States yet, but she’s already aware of one crucial element in songwriting that so many of the headliners at those festivals too often carelessly ignore: in pop, it’s usually best to keep it simple.

“Some Girls” is an awesome addition to Robin’s growing discography of pop gems, and I must say that if this is what we can expect out of her studio work in the years and decades to come, she’s in for a very long and successful career ahead of her. At this juncture of her professional life, literally anything is possible. There are textured nuances within her vocal that could be molded in virtually any direction that she sees fit, and I think that were she to keep refining the strain of pop that she’s so masterfully penned in this single, then she would have a real chance at shaping the identity of the genre for an entirely new generation just beginning to emerge from silence.


Mindy McCall



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